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My Aussiecon 4 Schedule

Aussiecon 4 is less than two weeks away! During the few breaks I’ve taken while getting The Rogue polished up ready for beta readers, I’ve been busy getting ready for the con. I’ve made a masquerade mask for the Nightmare Ball, helped make Dudcon con badges, gathered some books to donate to the freebie table, […]

The Ditmar Award Nominations

What are the Ditmars? They’re like the Hugos, but for Aussies. They’re presented at the Australian National Science Fiction Convention, but whenever Australia hosts Worldcon, as we are doing this year (Aussiecon4), we don’t have a Natcon. Instead we have a Dudcon – a mini convention held as part of Worldcon. All that was a […]

AussieCon4 – Worldcon in My Home Town!

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now. For those who don’t know, there’s a big convention held each year called Worldcon. This year it’s located in Melbourne, Australia. That’s my home town! It will be held over the first weekend of September, for five days. Check out the AussieCon4 site for […]

Spanish Editions

It’s always exciting to receive foreign editions of my books, especially for new languages. It’s great to reach new readers and always fun to see the cover art. Yesterday these Spanish editions arrived. I’m not sure why, but The Magicians’ Guild wasn’t included in the parcel, just The Novice and The High Lord.

Linky Bits

Check out this 2010 Survey of Book Buying Behavior, especially the section on electronic books and piracy at the end. And this article about electronic books and libraries in the UK is also very interesting.