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Victoria Gardens A&R Signing

A big thank you to the staff at Victoria Gardens Angus & Robertson, especially to Terry who organised the event (and for posing with me for the photo!). They were very friendly and were all prepared with a table, huge display and even a mike to announce the signing. Thanks, too, to all the people […]

Signing at Angus & Robertson

Mad deadline chasing season is upon me. I have three months to finish The Rogue, which means I’ll be focused mainly on writing (although I’ll be taking breaks to allow my back to recover) for that time. I’ve made only a couple of exceptions to the ‘nothing but writing’ rule… This coming Saturday (the 5th) […]

Italian Edition of The Magician’s Apprentice

Around the world there are wonderful people working away at bringing my books to readers of many languages. While I know there’s a lot going on, generally all I get to see of this process is this: a) an email comes through from my agent running the details by me b) a contract arrives, which […]

Legends of Australian Fantasy

Last week I was very excited to receive my author copy of Legends of Australian Fantasy, an anthology of fantasy novellas. What a beautiful cover! The anthology was put together by two big names of the Australian SF scene: Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan – both lovely people who I adore. Below the title there’s […]

The Ambassador’s Mission

The official release date is tomorrow! Here’s Neha’s copy, about to be wrapped up and posted. I am hiding behind it because I accidentally sat on my glasses the other night, and they’re a bit crooked now.