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Magie Volée

Another lovely surprise arrived in the mail a few days ago: copies of the French edition of Thief’s Magic: These coincide with the release of the book, just in time for Trolls & Légendes. I’m getting excited about this festival now, and looking forward to meeting fans there.

Signings, a Launch and an AMA

Thief’s Magic is now out in all english speaking territories and Poland. The wonder and amazement at knowing the story I shaped is being read in places around the world never wears off. Last Monday the lovely Robert, Orbit’s account manager for Melbourne, took me to some bookstores here to sign stock. We visited Dymocks […]

In the Mailbox: Italian The Traitor Queen

The postman brought this one to my door last week: Italian readers can now find out what happens a the end of the Traitor Spy Trilogy, with the release of The Traitor Queen. Enjoy!

In the Mailbox: Brazilian & Spanish Editions

A couple of foreign editions have arrived in the post lately: A Brazillian The High Lord… … and a Spanish The Traitor Queen. Both the final book in their respective trilogies. I hope my Brazillian and Spanish readers enjoy them! (And a little bird on Twitter tells me that La Regina Dei Maghi, the Italian […]

In the Mailbox: Brazilian TMG!

I’ve been steadily working away at the early chapters of Thief’s Magic, which is the title this first book of the Millenium’s Rule has decided it wants. I’ve also been dress shopping in preparation for the Aurealis Awards this weekend. (Nothing of mine is up for an award, so I’m going to hang out with […]

In the Mailbox: La Guaritrice Dei Maghi

In the last month only two parcels have arrived for me. The smaller contained this: That’s the Italian version of The Rogue. The second parcel was much larger and contained the small paperback version of The Rogue, which means it must be available now, or close to it. The books, when unpacked, were dubbed ‘the […]

In the Mailbox: Spanish Edition of The Magician’s Apprentice

The above book arrived in the post the other day, so I know spanish readers are reading about Kyralia centuries before the Black Magician Trilogy. Spanish readers can also find out more about me and my books over at El Legado del Mago Negro and the Spanish Facebook page. I also received a US edition […]

El Legado del Mago Negro

My lovely Spanish edition publisher has set up a website for my books called El Legado del Mago Negro (Legacy of the Black Magician) and a Facebook page to coincide with the release of La Maga (The Magician’s Apprentice) last week. So head over there to find information about me and my books, including release […]

Bulgarian Edition of TMG

Another foreign edition turned up the other day – the Bulgarian edition of The Magicians’ Guild. I already have a Bulgarian edition of Priestess of the White, but it appears to be by a different publisher. I don’t know if any other of my books have been published in Bulgarian yet – I usually don’t […]

The French Edition of The Rogue…

… arrived in the mail yesterday. Love the tattered robes and badass expression. I hope French readers are enjoying the ongoing story of the Traitor Spy Trilogy.