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Guest Post at Fantasy Cafe

A few days ago Fantasy Cafe published a guest post I wrote for them called “Doing What Comes Naturally: Aussie Women Writers of Fantasy” for their Women in SF&F Month. They are also giving away a copy of Thief’s Magic to one lucky visitor. There are also many interesting post in this year’s Women Writers […]

A Pinterest Guide for Authors

Now that I’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, I’m noticing a lot of other authors are asking the same ‘what’s this Pinterest thing and why should I sign up?’ questions I asked a few months back. I may be partly to blame because I’ve been talking about it a lot, though with articles containing stats […]

Ebook Availability Update

Since researching the availability of my books as ebooks back at the end of January, I’ve been able to mostly answer all of my questions. Some with reader’s help, others by emailing my publisher and then enjoying a very interesting chat on the phone with the person who deals with ebook issues. That said, what […]

Ebook Availability

I’ve been wanting to find out how hard it is to buy eBooks of my books for a while now, so I’ve been doing some investigation. First I checked my contracts. Sure enough, all eBook rights for all books in all english language territories have been sold. That means it’s all out of my hands, […]

Linky Bits

Check out this 2010 Survey of Book Buying Behavior, especially the section on electronic books and piracy at the end. And this article about electronic books and libraries in the UK is also very interesting.