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Tripping Through Time with Doctor Who

You know those weeks where something marvellous and something not very marvellous happen at the same time? Well, last week I twisted my ankle so badly my doctor and physio sent me for a second x-ray a week later because it looked like I’d broken it. (I hadn’t, but boy did I have some impressive […]

Thief’s Magic Character Illustration

If you’ve read my longer bio, you’ll know I am an artist and former illustrator. I like to draw my characters, and sometimes I’ll even paint scenes from the books. The maps for the Age of the Five trilogy feature characters from that story, and a few years ago I made some simple line drawings […]

New Badges! More Swag!

Paul and I have been hard at work making these: Back in 2011 I gave away badges, designed by me and printed by my publisher, at Supanova Melbourne and in the UK. They were so popular I decided I’d have to look into having an ongoing supply of them. Turns out the cheapest way for […]

New Swag: Character Sketch Bookmarks

I have a new bookmark design to bring to signing events along with the quote ones: It features the character sketches from my Sekrit Project – the free computer wallpaper calendars I made last year. I’d always intended to make something out of the sketches – perhaps a poster or postcard – but I wanted […]

Continuum 9 Report

Friday: I finished the polish of Thief’s Magic, including a search and destroy of certain words and phrases I have a habit of overusing (just, only, a moment later, etc.) and a spell check and name check, just in time to head into the convention for the cocktail party. We had a great time catching […]

Continuum 9: Contraindicators

Next weekend I’ll be attending the local Melbourne convention. Since I’m very busy polishing up Thief’s Magic, I probably won’t make it to the whole convention. But I am doing a panel… Plot 101 – Sunday 11:00 until Sunday 12:00 Tangled in your own story? Plotting can be a challenge even for the most experienced […]

Conflux9 – Junkyard Cathedral

Aaand the final Conflux post: On the Saturday night Conflux9 held a Masquerade, which is kind of a non-compulsary dress-up party and disco with a theme. This years theme was Junkyard Cathedral, which was about recycling trash into gothic glamour. Well, I went more for trash than glamour, converting a Royal Mail post bag into […]

The Craftonomicon Post

The weekend after unCONventional we headed off to Continuum 8: Craftonomicon, Australia’s National SF Convention. At most conventions there’s usually a member or three knitting, crocheting, drawing or doing some other form of creative passtime so a theme of craft isn’t as odd as it might sound to non-crafters. You only have to look at […]

Two Conventions Over Two Weekends

For the last few weeks I’ve been busy getting ready for coming SF conventions – preparing workshops, taking photos for slideshows, arranging transport, lining up our cat/house sitter, confirming panels, arranging meetings and meals, warping looms and researching weaving techniques… Yeah, that last one seems unrelated to the rest, but it is relevant, as you’ll […]

May Calendar – Tayend & Dannyl

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit intimidated by reader expectations when it comes to sketching Tayend and Dannyl. My worry wasn’t that they wouldn’t look like what reader’s pictured – I’m not psychic! – but that they’d look so different that readers would be bothered by it. One of the reasons I’m doing […]