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Musical Influences

Some years ago, when my website had a much simpler blog program, I wrote a blog post about songs and albums that have sparked story ideas or set the mood for writing particular scenes. Unfortunately those early posts are long gone, though I have a plan to add some of them to this site as […]

What Are the Odds?

It’s that time of year. People are feeling reflective and that inevitably leads to lots of Best Book of 2012 and Most Anticipated Fantasy of 2013 blog posts and articles – and analysis of their content. Last week someone on Twitter noted the lack of women writers on the latter, and I started to wonder […]

Why I Love Pinterest

I’ve always been a little bit cautious about social media. Not that I dislike it – the dangers seem to be in liking it too much. I don’t want to get sucked in to the point of losing precious writing time (and typing time, now that I have to be careful to avoid RSI). I […]

Authors on Panels: My Two Cents

One of the things I like about Twitter is how, by following people with professions or interests similar to my own, I’ll see links to websites that are more likely to interest me. The down side to this what I call the Latest Uproar on Twitter, where someone says or does something and suddenly all […]

Roaming Around the UK

Week two of The Tour had me hopping around the UK. On Monday we started off at Gardners, where I signed some stock at the distribution centre: Then we were off to Eastbourne, where we had lunch while admiring this view: Then went on to sign stock at Waterstones in Eastbourne and Horsham before heading […]

Cover of The Rogue

I was really excited to receive the cover proof for The Rogue in the mail recently: It’s a little different to The Ambassador’s Mission. Like many readers, I’m a bit fussy about covers matching, but I like this change – mainly because I occasionally mistake the cover of The Magician’s Apprentice for the The Ambassador’s […]

Scouting Out Aussiecon’s Location

Yesterday Paul and I headed into Melbourne to see a couple of exhibitions, and while we were there we checked out the venue for Aussiecon 4, and its surrounds. I’ve spent this morning whipping up this blog post to let you know what we learned. I even drew a map! The front of the Melbourne […]

Which Brings Me To…

My last post could have been a monster, if I’d tried to tackle all the issues relating to eBooks, piracy and the future of books and authors. I was responding to two things, Robert’s post and the two old blokes I met at a party. Robert’s post was in response to the idea that ‘one […]

The Future of Books and Authors

Like many authors and people interested in the future of books and publishing, I have been reading a lot of articles and blog posts about eBooks, piracy and such lately. I’m the sort who prefers good sturdy statistical facts and predictions grounded in reality by people familiar with the industry, over wishful thinking and doomsday […]