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Australian & New Zealand Fantasy Writers

Earlier this year, in preparation for a panel at the Austalian National Convention I did a lot of searching around the internet and created a spreadsheet tracking the output of Australia and New Zealand’s published fantasy writers. Well, most of them. Since I did have a book to write, I kept to writers published by […]

10 Books I Enjoyed in 2012

I’m not a fast reader these days, so I only get through between 25 and 30 books a year. I have a to-read bookcase of about 120 books which never seems to diminish, thanks to those few writers whose next book I always have to buy, my publisher giving me books, friends giving me their […]

10 Books I Enjoyed in 2011

It’s getting on to the end of that time of year when people make lists of top ten books for the year. Last year I posted one, but because I’d only read ten books that year those ten were what it contained. I read a lot more books in 2011: twenty-eight plus six of my […]