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I’m back from the Mini Tour, holiday and World Fantasy Con. We’re still getting over the jet lag, have a billion photos to sort, lots of email to tackle, bills to pay, lawn to mow, and don’t even mention the ‘C’ word. But hopefully I’ll get a blog post or two up in the next […]

Down for Maintenance

Over the next few weeks this site will be getting a bit of an overhaul. When all is done it shouldn’t look any different, but some bugs should be fixed. As you may have already noticed, a few links aren’t working and lots of images. The contact email should still work for a while, but […]

Early Birds

I’ve received a few emails and Twitter posts reporting sightings of The Rogue in the wild before the official release date, and asking why this is so and if any of the shops have done something wrong. Well, while it would be sweet if every shop voluntarily co-ordinated their unpacking of stock and shelving of […]


A bunch of writerly friends have been organising ourselves a two week writing retreat for the last couple of years. We call ourselves Fantasy Writers On Retreat, and this year we even have a blog. I spent a week in Berry in their wonderful company, and now I’m writing in isolation in Bowral (which does […]

The Magician’s Apprentice is #1!

There’s this weird time-warp thing that happens when writing books. Right now I’m working on the start of The Rogue, while waiting for the first pages of The Ambassador’s Mission to arrive for proofing. So when I hear some news about The Magician’s Apprentice, I can’t help thinking ‘but it’s been years since I finished […]