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I can no longer reply to fanmail

Why? Simply because there is too much of it! I did consider hiring assistants to reply for me, but decided against it after I asked myself what fans who email me want. I’m only guessing here, but this is what I think they want:

(a) for me to read their email

(b) to have their questions answered

(c) to get a reply

While I don’t have time to reply to emails, I do read every one that I receive (apart from those containing story ideas). I endeavor to answer any answerable questions on this website, so do take a look around before emailing me. The page you should make your top priority to read before emailing me is the Frequently Asked Questions page. (And yes, the spoiler answers do spoil the plot of the books they relate to. They are on a separate page and there is ample warning not to click on the links to them until you’d read the books mentioned.)

Now and then someone will send me a question I haven’t answered on the site, and there’s a good reason why. For examples of unanswerable questions, you might want to read my (cheekily humourous) old Questions, Questions blog post.

You might also find my blog entry on Fanmail I Love entertaining and useful.

To ensure your email isn’t one of those I can’t read, check out The Art of the Legible Fanmail.

Also please note:
If you’ve come here after reading the last pages of The High Lord to send me a complaint about the death of a certain character please, PLEASE, take a deep breath, stop and wait a day for the emotional effect of that book to wear off a little before you do.

I write in order to move people. I find complaints about the end of The High Lord a sign of success… though I much, MUCH prefer it when the reader understands why it was the right ending for the story.

I’m not aiming to write books in which every character is alive, shacked up with their perfect match, rich and successful at the end. If you want that, read a romance novel. And that’s a serious suggestion. I’m not knocking your tastes or romance novels here. Fantasy is not a genre where such endings are guaranteed, so maybe it’s not to your taste.

And taste is often the reason why I occasionally receive insulting emails. Someone not only disliked one of my books but thinks that I’m to blame. To them I say: I don’t write these books purely to bother some stranger I never met before. If the books aren’t to your taste, they just aren’t to your taste. There are millions of books out there, and I think the odds are in my favour when I say you will find something you like better. I know I can’t please everyone and I’m cool with that.

Now, at last, here is a contact form.

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