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  1. dearest Trudi & Team!
    first of all, many many lovely greetings from Switzerland! A huge, huge “THANK YOU” for bringing the world of Kyralia to us readers & sharing the life of Sonea and all her companions with us!
    i always hate it, if i see, that each book is coming to end. And its always a big disaster for me, until the new book arrives :)
    i know, you are doing a lot of things & i guess you must be very busy.
    But please, please, dont let the story end by the last book of the traitor spy trilogy!
    on my knees begging you, to share with your fans and readers, the future of Sonea & Regin, the guild of magicians, Dannyl & Tayend, Lorkin & Tyvara…
    puh, sounds like i’m addict :)
    Sean :)

    • Dear Trudi,

      I can just join Sean with begging *kneeldown*

      I love your books over all because your characters are so brilliantly written.
      It is always hard to let these beloved people go everytime I finish another book.
      The end of the traitor spy trilogy feels like hanging on a cliff without seeing the rescue.

      I hope you have a nice day, wherever you are right now ^^
      Greetz from Graz (Austria)

      • Dear Trudi Canavan,

        thank you for your wonderful work!

        I just finished the last book of the ‘Traitor Spy’ trilogy and just like Sean I beg you, if you ever find the inspiration, to continue the stories of Sonea and Regin, Dannyl, Rothen, Anyi and Lorkin and all the other characters from Kyralia and their neighbouring countries, which I have come to hold so dearly. Like Merria, I’d like to travel that world some more. ;-) I hope that one day you will make that possible for me and everyone else.

        Meanwhile, I am already also looking forward to your new trilogy, ‘Millenium’s Rule’, and wish you good luck and success with it!

        Greetings from Germany!
        All the best,

  2. Dear Misses Canavan,

    I have very recently finished the “black magicians guild” – trilogy and thought it very entertaining and addictive. I would like to thank You for your story and for Sonea, who inspired me to enjoy learning again.

    But to be blunt, I think it the worst of all mistakes that you [spoilers removed - answers can be found in the FAQ].


  3. Dear Misses Canavan,

    just a little thank you for your inspiring,entertaining and reflective writing.

    I have followed all the Kyralia – books with huge exaltation and many sleepless nights :-)).

    Therefore I am very agog and curious of the new triology.

    Please carry on .

    Regards from Germany


  4. Dear Trudi,

    I just wanted to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Black Magician Trilogy. I just saved the last few chapters for this morning and sat in a coffee shop to enjoy it before university! It’s really nice to find a book in this genre with such a strong female character, and evidently a fantastic female author.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know how addicted I was to your trilogy, how well written it was and how I’m sure I will be as addicted to the next.

    Also, thanks for removing spoilers from the guestbook :)


  5. Dear Trudi,
    I’m a huge fan from Malaysia. My brother is also a fan of yours, he loves to read it 1st hand after getting the book without me reading 1st.

    I have read cover-to-cover of every single book you publish. The fact that I live in Malaysia has a huge disadvantage, I can’t get your newly released books once they have released. I have to wait for about a year. The rogue, had me waiting for a year until it arrived in Malaysia. I just got it recently. Read it all in 2 days. I just can’t stand waiting for a year long, therefore I order the traitor queen from UK. I always get hooked up by your writing and I just can’t seem to put down the book.

    Warm Regards from Malaysia,
    Dhaarshynni ^^

  6. Hey Trudi!
    Do you know what the Traitor Spy Trilogy are named in Danish? :)
    I come from Denmark, and i want to read it, but i don’t know the name of it! :/

    Clara D.-G. :)

  7. Hey! I’ ve just finished The Traitor Queen. It’s fantastic! <3 But I was expecting something more between Sonea and Regin. I'm so glad I finally have TTQ on my bookshelf.
    I read everything connected to The Magician Trilogy and I can't wait for Millennium's Rule but luckily by the time the book will be released I have time to read Age of the Five.

    Hugs and kisses from Poland!

  8. I stumbled upon the magicians apprentice by pure chance. I bought this book without any knowledge of who Trudi Canavan was and well that was the best decision I have made all year. Two days later I was back to buy more from the series.

    Finished The Ambassador’s mission and the Rouge a few days later now here I am searching for the Traitor Queen to buy after I discovered the list of books on the second page (of The Rouge) had lied! There is a third book! which I should of, in hindsight, seen coming.. when it says trilogy on the front cover.

    Your books are great and you should feel great for writing them. I look foreword to reading them all.

    Greetings from The Mornington peninsula.

  9. Dear Trudi,

    I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Black Magician Trilogy. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the emotional impact this story has had on me; especially book three “The High Lord”. I look forward to reading more of your work, in the not too distant future, as you have now become one of my favourite authors.

    Best Wishes,

    Ian from London, UK

  10. As I have seen you answered one comment in here I decided to leave a message here too (I sent another message to your email).

    I would like to know if you were planning a tour through South America, if you ever do please come to Peru, where you will find me and the famous ruins of Machu Picchu. This is a nice destination, the only problem is that it is pretty far away from Australia. Please come, please, please and a final please.

    I love your books and I am still trying to get The Traitor Queen shipped to Peru.

    Also please please please answer this comment or my mail. At least say ok or read PLEASE


    Magicaid (Gonzalo)

  11. Dear Trudi,

    Some time ago, I read in one of your many interviews that if you were to write a seperate story of a character from the BMT series, you might go for Savara. My question is: do you (still) seriously consider doing such a thing? I’ll just say that I would find it awesome if you did (I hope that doesn’t violate the rule of story suggestions….).

    Greetings from Raimo of the Netherlands (to whom you also sent the three dutch BMT books, that you first thought were danish^^)

  12. I will also be following this blog in order to know more details about those contests that are for winning signed books. Please make more of them. I have never participated on them though, i will try to participate in the next one


  13. And for all the Trudi lovers, I recommend you to come and visit this site:

    It is a wiki about everything related, and if you happen to like to write we would greatly thank you (I mean everybody who reads this) if you could come by to the site and edit something or maybe creating an article

    Thanks for all those interested and we hope to see you visiting the site.

    Magicaid and friends.

  14. I finished reading The Rogue and the Mad Apprentice Novella.

    Great, as always.

    Thanks Trudi for all your work


  15. If you are coming to Hawaii, why don`t you come to South America too?

    I would like to know you

    Your Peruvian fan

    PS: The Traitor Spy Trilogy finally arrived here!!!

    Anyway I had already asked for it to Amazon and I prefer to read books in their original language, no translations. Now the only books that aren`t sold here yet are the Age of the Five Trilogy

  16. Hi Trudi

    firstly thank you for some amazing reading, I’ve loved all your magician series.
    Secondly please don’t end them with The traitors queen because all us fans would love to read more about the characters futures.
    And thirdly is there any possibility these books will ever be films because they would be fantastic on the big screen and loved by all :-)

    With kind regards Tanya

    ps you inspire me to continue writing so thank you for that to ;-)

  17. Dear Mrs. Canavan
    I just want to thank you for your amazing books.
    They’re really good!!!
    I finished reading The rogue one hour ago.
    Are you going to have a tour in germany again???
    Greetings Bookworm

    PS.: hope you can understand my bad english ;)

  18. At last! I got my hardback copy of The Traitor Queen, I will start reading it soon, I am soooooo happy!

    Thanks Trudi for creating the incredible universe of Sonea and friends.

  19. Hi!
    I’ve read all your books, and I really liked them (I liked everything: the plot, the characters,…).
    But I noticed all the animals in your world are invented except for horses. Is there a reason for that or do you just like horses a lot and wanted them in your book?
    It’d be great if you answered, because I was talking it over with a friend and now we’re going crazy over it!
    Thanks :)

  20. Hi Trudie
    Greetings here from South-Africa. My hole mission to read your books was when I borrowed your book , The migicians apprentice from my local library. It was great so the next week I went back and asked them to see if they can find the rest of your books for me. My luck was in because they informed me that they found The magicians guild , The novice and The high lord for me. I`ve read all of them and the story was excellent I could not stop reading. I`ve finished The ambassadors mission as well. I am really looking forward to read more of your books I enjoy the caracters a lot and when you start reading you just have to finish to book . This is a GREAT FANTASY!!!!!!!

  21. Thank you so much for your books. They are one of the best in the world ( and I read a lot so I know). They only last to less time, since they are impossible to put down. You really are one of the best writers in the world.
    I really enjoyed Sonea story in every novel. I really loved that she had another [spoiler removed], and especially who he was. To me it was the best part in the Traitor Spy trilogy. To see their relationship evolving to more. I really hope that one day you will continue their story line, and perhaps even sometimes about his perspective. Your stories are so great and I really can’t wait for the next one. There is still so much to tell.

  22. Dear Trudi, I would like to know when is going to translate into Spanish the trilogy Age of five.

  23. Dear Trudi,

    I wanna thank you for your books. On Saturday I bought the second edition of your book in Czech translation. And I’m very pleased with the dedication to us, your Czech readers. I hope you will visit Czech republic.

    Best Wishes,


  24. hi and thanks for the black magician trilogy – just finished it and it was awsome ^^. BUT i have one question that i have sleepless nights for; who was the third contact for akkarin? he said he had another in a useful place but no one comes to mind o_O anyone know? pls answer :-Q

  25. I read both the Black Magician’s Trilogy & the Traitor Spy Trilogy, and now I am at a loss as to what I should read now.
    I want more novels in this setting! You are a fantastic writer, and while I am sure I could easily get hooked reading the Priestess of the White, the fact is – I want more Sonea, I want more Lorkin, I want more of the Traitors.
    Are you bored of the setting, or would you consider another trilogy there? I know some people say ‘Leave them wanting more.’ but I honestly think there is so much more to have and so many of us would like to have it. The detail, the history, the magic – it is all just so fluid and perfect, it would be a shame if we never got to delve back into it.

  26. hi trudi,

    i quite enjoy your books. the one thing i had difficulty with was where you wrote about going north and reaching warmer waters. being north of the equator it did take a little to wrap my head around.

    after realizing you were from aus(reading about the author does help) it made sense from your prospective.

    aly – devout reader and bookworm

  27. Hey trudi, I love your books, they are extremely good. I totally want to read the black goblin men but only the one called Sonea I’m from Denmark so there is some spelling errors as I am lord bad english hope you will write more books greeting the one who ka like your books ps i have birthday today

  28. Just finished reading The Magicians Apprentice and loved it. A well written and fun read. I will be looking to read more of Trudi’s books now.
    Having read The Wheel of Time series, it is nice to see someone who has also created a new civilzation and fantasy land to read.

    Thanks for the entertainment…look forward to more tales.


  29. Hi,
    I read the Black Magician trilogy around 6yrs ago after borrowing the books from a friend while I was on holiday and was really quite impressed with it.
    Been reading a lot of others at the moment as I didnt realise you had done others (I know – slap on the wrist for me!)
    Can you or anyone on here recommend which books I should read next – if they follow a set storyline etc.
    Keep up the great work,
    Kind regards from the UK :)


  30. Ok, wierd question time, but this has been bugging me. How do you pronounce Dannyl??? Is it like Daniel, or…what? Thank you :)

  31. Dear Ms Canavan,

    I’d just like to thank you for the hours of pure fantasy bliss I’ve experienced since I first picked up “The Magicians’ Guild” in a small Dutch book shop. I absolutely adore all of your work (that I’ve read, anyway) and I just wanted to inform you of that fact :)

    Keep writing fantastic fantasy (and don’t ever use tacky alliteration/polyptoton like I just did :P )

    Lots of love from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands,


  32. Hi Trudi,
    I loved your Black Magician series. I wrote a blog on my favourite books. Actually, 2 blogs. Here’s the address:
    I hope you check it out. And all other commenters, plz check it out as well. Thanx!

  33. Thank you so much for writing your books. You have saved me so many hours of boredom. I love all the characters in the magicians guild. I really like Stara from the magicians apprentice. :)
    I am very grateful of my friend who said I should read your books :)
    She was right about them being so good :)
    You write the best books ever.

  34. The Black Magician Trilogy was absolutely superb. Action-packed, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, and a completely unforgettable series. I will be looking for more from you very soon, as soon as I have recovered from the last books of yours I read!

  35. Will there be any books following The Traitor Spy trilogy?

  36. Great to see, that the Milleniums Rule is to be starting next year!

    I like your books, and today I feel like I should leave a line here, just for your inducement. ;)

    In the meanwhile i will read again the complete ‘Kyralia-Story’. Yes, I must confess, good books I often read twice. Or even more often, if they are really excellent. ;)

    With kind regards from Phantasia,

    Bastian Balthasar Bux

  37. Hello, Ms. Canavan!
    I finished the last book of the Traidor Spy Trilogy yesterday.
    I just loved the whole story and the characters. Thank you for creating that world and sharing it with us. I’m so happy that I had the pleasure to read those books :)
    I’m amazed, still overwhelmed… just a big thank you!

    Greetings from Germany!

  38. Great Books Trudi !! :-)

    Lucky Time and write on.


  39. I really enjoyed the Black Magician Trilogy and was so happy to find The Traitor Spy books. I look forward to what comes next. :b

    Regards, Zenke

  40. Hi Trudi,

    Thank you so much for your hard work over the years in creating your masterpieces. I look forward to them so much, from the language ‘slang’ you create, to the diverse characters and your take on magic.

    I am a loyal fan and wish I had more ways to show my interest in the characters and your novels. Has anyone ever requested wallpapers or mobile phone backgrounds out of the artwork for book covers? I would hope that it might be a simple process from getting the artwork from the book covers and removing most of the text for just the images and your name as a signature (perhaps with the book name) and have these available for download so fans, like me, can spread the word.

    • The publisher of those covers would own the copyright on them, and the illustrator may own the non-cover rights for the artwork, so it’s really not something I can just whip up. I have done computer wallpapers with my own character sketches, but with a calendar included so it was only useful for that month. I might do them again in the future.

  41. After David Eddings, I was lost in a fantasy world with nowhere to go, then I found the black magician trilogy. I have now read all your current books and await the next eagerly – in the mean time I will wander aimlessly in a fantasy world looking for a diversion.

    Don’t ever stop writing

  42. Dear Trudi,
    I want to say a huge thank you; your books are amazing and have inspired me so much.
    I run a book club and am encouraging everyone to read your books, they have a way of entering the mind and running away with the reader, the story spins on out of control, until the book ends, at which point everyone starts fighting for the next one.
    I am currently rereading The Black Magician Trilogy, which is something I have only ever done for two other series, so as you can tell, your books have really captured me and I fear I will be prattling on about them to anyone who will listen for many years to come.
    Please keep writing and inspiring people as much as you have me,
    Elanor Buchanan

  43. Dear Trudi,

    Normally, in order to keep my reading balanced, I try to read one fantasy book and then a non-fictional book; with your work it is just impossible… and I “hate it”, because it keeps me away of non-fiction readings, but I also love it, because I enjoy every chapter in your books!!…



  44. Dear Trudi Canavan,

    I found the Indonesian edition of your book titled “The Magician’s Apprentice” about a year ago. From that time on, I start looking for and collecting your books. I now have a complete Indonesian editions of “The Black Magician Trilogy” (which I just finished reading) and “The Age of The Five Trilogy”. Thank you for writing all these stories. They are very interesting and I really enjoy reading them. I tried to look for “The Traitor Spy Trilogy”, but I couldn’t find any. When I check this site, I figure that maybe it’s because the trilogy hasn’t been published by Mizan Fantasi. It’s too bad. I really want to know what happen next to the characters I encountered in the Black Magician Trilogy. I don’t know whether it’s up to you or the publisher, but I’m going to ask anyway: Is there any chance that they will publish that trilogy in Indonesia, too? I really hope there is… Once again thank you for your hard work in writing all these books. Keep on writing! I really love your works :-)

  45. Hola Trudi…
    Soy un lector español al que has dejado fascinado y enganchado a las fantasticas novelas sobre el pais de Kyralia. Aunque el Las Cronicas del Mago Negro cuentas algunas cosas y detalles sobre lo que paso despues de la guerra entre Kyralia y Sachaka, me encantaria un dia encontrarme con otra novela que narrara sobre la fundacion y construccion del gremio, sobre los pasos que siguio Tessia para controlar al final la sanacion magica, como llegan al acuerdo los distintos paises para mandar a sus aprendices al gremio…
    Y simplemente darte las gracias y animarte a que sigas con esta fantastica y emocionante saga en el pais de Kyralia.
    Mil gracias…

  46. Hi Trudi

    Just a note to say thanks for the book!!! I enjoy most being taken to the realm where reality meets fantasy- everything that you write about can just about be true….. if one kept an open mind, eyes peeled and ears open…..

    Big fan

  47. Hi Trudi,

    I just wanted to wish you the best for the new release. I truly love your stories, I read a lot of books and although a lot are good they just don’t stick in my head like your stories do. I would like to thank you for your creativity as a good book is something that can take you away and drag into the story itself and you have achieved this. I look forward to reading your new book. Keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards


  48. Hi Trudi!

    Just read your Traitors Spy Trilogy. I need to say I love the Black Magician Trilogy, though the Traitors Spy Trilogy not that much.
    But if you please, please could use some influence on that silly German publisher, which ruins almost all books with silly titles?
    “Sonea” is totally wrong for the Traitors Spy, since she is only a supporting character.
    But really awful is “Magie” (Magic) for “Magicians Apprentice”! Seriously, for a fantasy book?!
    Please could you do something to get us old Germans a meaningful title? What else would be next? “People”? “Countries”? “Fights”?

    Thanks for your work!

  49. Hi Trudi,

    Greetings from Ireland. It’s a while since I read some of your books and absolutely loved them. Delighted to drop in here and see there is another trilogy planned! Your tale of writing life before publication is so inspiring, I’m sure we’re all very glad you persevered with your work.

    Looking forward to reading (and rereading) your books,


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