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  1. Aye Trudi

    First of all I would like to thank you for the advice I gleaned off your ‘writing’section it was most helpful.
    Secondly I really liked your books, as well as being great magical yarns they are also very well laid out and the characters are memorable.

    Looking forward to reading your latest book.

    All the best. J.S.McGowan from the Black Isle Scotland

  2. Dear Trudi (what a wonderful name:3)
    I resently started with the traitor spy triology, and they’er great!! :DDD
    But I really do hope you will write more about Auraya and company.
    See you through the books 😉

    Your always faitful Lova

  3. Hey, Trudy!
    I am Swarali Kulkarni from India. I am a huge fan of your Age of the Five series. I actually became inspired and started writing books of my own. I am currently reading your Black Magician trilogy.
    I really admire you and I hope that you get billions of great ideas.
    Thank you for the great books.

  4. Hey Trudi!

    I recently started reading your books again. Starting in the wrong order apparently but thats what you get for entrusting my Nan to get the right book! I cant complain thought, I loved it never the less. The first series I started reading was the Traitor Spy Trilogy and am now I’m starting on the Magician’s Guild!

    I also very much love the website created here which helps with the insight onto the characters and your opinion. My best friend wants to start writing and I think your story will very much help her! Your books are much appreciated and constantly recommended to all my friends and Family!

    Cant wait to finish all your books!


  5. Hi Trudi,
    I remember when you first released the Magician Series.. I feel in love with the books & Characters, loved how easy they captivated me and keep my imagination running:)

    Life got in the way and I hadn’t picked up a book for quite a few years, then, your new book jumped out at me a few weeks ago and I devoured it! So now I am sad~! I have to wait for the next book….LOL

    Thank you for such wonderful stories. I hadn’t realized you had written a few more trilogy’s while I wasn’t looking… 😉

    So now I am happy again….I have quite a bit of reading to catch up on!

    Thanks again for your wonderful stories

  6. Hi,Trudi

    I love Your books. Are You going to visit United Kingdom in the nearest future ?

  7. Hi Trudi,

    Really loved your new magical direction in Thief’s Magic! Devoured it in a weekend.

    Hope you don’t think this is a plot spoiler, but there is an article on the BBC website now you might find interesting: Or you already knew this from your research perhaps!

    Anyway, keep writing excellent stories!!


  8. Hi Trudi, love your books. I found the Black Magician series, then Age of Five, marvellous. I am now reading Thief’s Magic on my ereader and am desperate for a map. Please, where can i find one. Have looked at you site but not been able to find
    Kindest regards, Jane

  9. Hey Trudi,

    I just finished Thief’s Magic, and I enjoyed the 2nd half of the book greatly. The first part was still very enjoyable albeit a bit confusing as I had to get acquainted with a drastic difference in the world and culture of the book. I started with The Black Magician trilogy a few years back, and you have since been one of my favorite authors together with Raymond E. Feist, Terry Goodkind and C.S. Lewis.
    I often will re-read certain parts of your books of which I am particularly fond (I.e. [spoiler removed] duel with [spoiler removed] in the Arena).
    I cannot wait for the 2nd book of the Millennium’s Rule trilogy and I wish you great creativity and inspiration for it!


    Alexander B.

  10. Hi Trudi,
    Absolutely love your books! The Black Magician Trilogy was the stand out books of my childhood and I have thoroughly enjoyed the seqael and prequel as a young adult, with the prequel being my favourite book of all time(love it!). Though I do have one question about it but its probably me just being dense as usual.
    I decided to check your website for any other books in the series and discovered a whole other series and the start of a new one that I didn’t know about! Completely made my day, cant wait to start the Age of Five series,am amazoning it now.
    Thankyou for inspiring the little imagination I have all these years. Hope you visit the UK soon and never stop writing,

  11. I’m reading the first book of The Black Magician Trilogy, and I’m really enjoying!

  12. Hi Trudi,

    After i finished your black magician series (which were the reason why I started to read books btw.) I was really happy hear that there was another book that tells the past of Kyralia. I just finished that one too and I must say WOW … The characters the story I did love all that much that I wished there was another trilogy about those :)
    I’ve also read your age of the five series and I could tell the same thing about it.

    I really can’t wait to start your newest book !

    Really great work so far Lady Canavan and I hope for more exciting series (:

    Greetings from Germany

  13. thank you for transporting to me to your section of the universe. Your stories have enlightened me and carried me through some tough times. I Especially enjoyed Sonea and her adventures….keep up the excellent work.
    A Major Fan of your work


  14. Hi Trudi!

    Thank You for writing The Black Magician Trilogy! It is real pleasure to read it! I read it again and again in every single year and it is still so enticing. You are best author ever!!! Keep writing, I hope You will never run out of good story ideas. I hope Your other books will be translated into estonian, I am not good enough in english to read original books.

    Best wishes
    Nele from Estonia

  15. Dear Trudi
    I have been listening to your books Thief’s magic and now magican’s on e audio book through my library. However I am stopping as I have ceased to care about the fate of your protagonists after they started killing slaves enmasse. I realise ethical dilemmas provide plot depth but I really did stop caring and my interest level plummeted, which is significant Midway in a such a large book. However I commend you on your writing which is very enjoyable in the main. Best regards

  16. Hi Trudi,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your books on Kyralia and was wondering if you had written anything of the land Loranda is from? The concept she describes sounds fascinating.


  17. Hi Trudi,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for writing the Black Magician Trilogy. I have not enough words to describe. You inspired me so much and I read the books in an incredible speed. I followed your suggestion and took a while for me to recover from the last pages. His books really touched me, I have recommended to many people and I hope to meet you someday have so much to tell you and praise. I can not lie by saying those last pages not upset me, but I understand and I loved it. I need your autograph!!!

  18. Hi Trudi, I’m reading The Black Magician trilogy and I’m enjoying a lot! I’m almost finishing book 1. Congratulations on this amazing trilogy! :)
    So, I just know something. I would like to see the symbol of clan of magician. Could you show it to me please?
    Kisses from Brazil!

  19. Hello!
    Apparently six years of grieving are not enough and I’m still not over the ending of the last traitor’s spy book.
    When I was a child I was enchanted by your books and read them countless times. Two days ago I decided to reread the traitor’s spy trilogy and five minutes ago I shut the book with an angry/devastated smack and my heart lies in tiny particles on the floor and I decided to write to you directly because now my English is good enough for that. How could you? Why not destroy that building?
    Lots of love from Germany,

  20. Dear Trudi,
    I’ve just finished reading The Black Magician Trilogy.
    There are so many things that I’d like to write now… but I’ll just write this: THANK YOU!
    The Trilogy was amazing. It’s only fault is that there isn’t enough of it. I could keep reading forever.
    There aren’t many books that keep me wide awake at night and that make me relive them over and over again. I actually did almost nothing but reading the Trilogy for the last 3 days.
    I suppose I will come back to it… again… and again.
    For now, I’m moving on to The Traitor Spy series.

    And again… THANK YOU!

  21. Hy Trudi,

    I would just like to say how grateful and inspired i am by your work, particularly with the Black Magician Saga.

    They are one of the few books that i can pick up and read over and over again!

    Rossy – Glasgow

  22. Hey Trudi,

    Hello from Canada, and thank you for the Black Magician Trilogy. It really brightened the last two weeks as I read it. Looking forward to reading the rest of your series!

  23. HI,

    I recently finished reading your Black Magician’s Triology. While I must say that the book was amazing and I have already reread it twice. I fell in love with [spoiler removed]. But I just wanna say that it would have been so much better if the book did not have the sad ending it did. I cried the whole night. It was simply so unfair that after so many hardships to only die like that. Though I could see a justification that he would have never gained the [spoiler removed] but you could have just [spoiler removed]… :(
    That was the only thing I had hoped didn’t happen the way it did. ALready got the next triology “Traitor Spy Triology. Excited to begin reading it. Truly a fan of your writing

    • Hi Priya! Thanks for writing in my guestbook! Just letting you know I have read it but had to remove a few things so that it wouldn’t spoil the plot for readers who haven’t read the books. It’s not that I don’t value your feedback – I do!

  24. Hey Trudi!

    Love your books, like everyone else does!

    Any upcoming release dates for your Millenium Trilogy in other languages, especially german?

    Happy Holidays

  25. Hi Trudi! I really loved “The Black Magician Trilogy” (A Trilogia do Mago Negro), but I am brazilian and I don’t speak english enough to read “The Traitor Spy Trilogy”, I think it’s the continuation of “The Black Magician Trilogy”, right?
    Anyway, I need know: “The Traitor Spy Trilogy” will be published in Brazil? I send various e-mails to editor (Novo Conceito), but they don’t say if yes or no… Answer me, please!!!
    And happy new year for you, family and friends!

  26. Hi Trudi :)
    Love your books.
    I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to write a novel of my own and for being my favourite author.
    Very much looking forward to reading Thief’s Magic.

  27. Trudi,

    I have recently switched from reading fantasy to crime fiction in an attempt to learn more about the human elements that make your books so great. The advice you give is excellent and helped me focus more on writing my own novel, which I will admit only took on it’s current form after reading your ‘Black Magician Trilogy’, the first adult fantasy books I’d ever read.

    I am currently plodding through ‘Priestess of the White’, though when I say plodding it’s not meant in a bad way. I enjoy lingering in certain locations, re-reading chapters here and there. I’ll start part two sometime in the next few days!

    Thanks for all the stories – Josh :)

  28. Hey, Trudy!
    thank you for such lovely books. I have finished with the Black magician trilogy, and I felt that the end was a bit unexpected. Still, I loved the turn.
    I wonder if any of your books are going to be published in Indian languages?

  29. Hi!

    I love your books (my friend took a while to convince me to read ’em, but god I wish I listened to her sooner). Now, what I really wanted to say was thank you a lot. Your books are currently one of a few reasons for me still sticking in this world. I’ve been depressed for a past few years and sometimes it’s pretty hard to find any reasons to not just go ahead and end my life, but then I think that I’ll miss your next story if I do that, and I decide that I’ll stick around for a bit longer.
    So, thanks for the amazing and beautifully written stories :)
    Only problem is that there’s not enough but hey, one woman can only write so much 😀

    Greetings from Slovenia!

  30. Hey:)

    Greetings from Denmark. I Would just say that you are amazing. I love that you are not old so that you hopefully Will write great books for the most of my life:)
    I just love your brain and imagination. Its great entertainment for me and i just love how you create.

    Einstein Said that creativity is Intelligence having fun;) and that imagination is better than knowledge…

    You are just special and I really Enjoy your books.
    So thank you for writing.

    Regards Bettina;)

  31. Dear Trudi,
    I just read the latest book, which was published in Germany. I like your way of telling stories. At first it was strange to read about one of the two main characters in every chapter. It reminds me of A Song of Ice and Fire by GRRM but at all I liked it very much. It’s like two books in a single one.
    I missed a map of the world of “Thief’s Magic” but at the end i realized that it would have been very stupid to have just a single map of one of the different magic worlds. Why not an artwork instead? Maybe an artwork of the magic aircraft or train? I know, it is complaining without any need.
    I can’t wait for your next book to be published, because the story must go on.
    Best regards

  32. Hello Trudi!

    First of all, just want to say that I LOVE all your books, they are amazing!

    As for my question: I will graduate as a translator this June, and I would love to be able to translate your books to Swedish! My problem is that I cannot find whether your books are already being translated or not… Do you know anything about it?


  33. Hi from Germany,

    your new Book is great – i Hope Book 2 & 3 will come out soon :)

    And: a new Series about Auraya was great!!!
    I think Aurayas Trilogy is a Little bit better as Sonea I / II (my meaning)

  34. Good day trundi canavan. I draw Diogo I’m Brazilian and I read his trilogy of the mage negro.Gostei her very much and I am looking for by author and i found your site, I tried to send an e-mail to you but I could not, for this reason I am sending this message in thanks for having escrevido these wonderful books that I have read. AND I am eager to read your The Traitor Spy Trilogy so I am waiting to leave for my language. because I am not talking about a second linguá fluentimento only know English.

  35. Hi, Trudi
    I am thinking about something very good to put in an e-mail for you, but as I am still thinking, I decided to send you something simpler, like a massage here. So, I was just going around you’re website again when I saw a post about an event in Belgium and that you are to go there and I am like: please Trudi come to Brazil! (Yes, I am brazilian, so forgive me if I made any grammar mistakes here). Well, I know that you are not going to come here only for going around and, with luck, bump (is that word wright?) with a fan on the streets, but you are amazing and I would love to talk to you about yourself and your work and I know that many other people here would too.

  36. Hi Trudi,

    I have just read the black magician and traitor spy trilogies for a second time and found at the end that I completely missed the last epilogue!!! Of course this has increased my fascination with the land Igra. I hope you will write more about it soon. The “ballshooter” has sparked some interesting theories with my friends and myself. I think the concept could create an even better story than these trilogies and they are without a doubt the stories I have enjoyed most of all the books I have ever read!

  37. Trudi, your stories have been an inspiration to me! I absolutely adore your work! I just want you to know that your stories, the Black Magician Trilogy in particular has helped me to find myself in so many ways! I can’t wait for your next book(s) And I can’t wait to find out what happens on the next page!

  38. Hi Trudi,

    It was great meeting you on sunday, my friend was very happy with the bookplate and the bookmark.
    But she still hopes you will be able to come to The Netherlands sometime so she can meet you herself :)
    Enjoy Poland and safe travels,

    Best regards,

  39. I Was just wondering if there will be anymore books regarding the black magician’s world set in between the magician’s apprentice and the magician’s guild and after the traitors spy series

  40. Hallo Frau Canavan.
    ich lese die Gilde der schwarzen Magier nun zum 2 mal
    und ich bin nach wie vor fasziniert.
    Ich habe alle 3 Bücher von der Gilde der schwarzen Magier
    (Die Rebelin,Novizin.Meisterin und dazu noch die Heilerin und
    Königin nur weiß ich leider die Reienfolge nicht und ob es noch
    Bücher andere Bücher von Sonea dazugehöhren die ich noch nicht
    Mit freundlichen Gruß Lilly

  41. Have just finished the age if the five, even better than the kyralia books! It finished on another cliffhanger though :/ will there be more regarding the maker?

  42. I just wanted to thank you for the years of compelling reading. When I was younger your books were the only ones I had read with strong female characters. I’m not sure how I could possibly put into words how much you have helped me grow into the strong woman that I am now. Over the past couple of years I’ve been re-reading all of your books and was so happy that you included LGBTQ characters. Thank you so much for this.


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