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  1. Hi Trudi,
    I would like to say I’m a massive fan! I have all your books in hardback/ audio & kindle. Have read each many times! My favourites will always be the 7 books about the Magician’s Guild & I do hope you continue to write about theses as its a world I love to read about. I do have to agree with the increasing comments I have read about TAM/TR/TTQ lacking what the 4 before them consisted of, the lack of any real magic. I.e liked to see more of the magical battles that the others had. [spoiler removed] + miss the thieves/Underworld life

  2. You said in your Writing Advice that nobody would recognise you on the street, but I think you are one of the most amazing fantasy writers I have ever heard about. Ever since I read the Magicians Guild, my ultimate aim has been to write a book as good as yours. But I guess everyone tells you that. I just wondered how you came up with all the names, because that’s what I’m struggling with at the moment.

  3. Hi Trudi,

    I make this as short as possible as words are limited on these posts. I love the age of five, my favourite books i have at home. Like magician trilogy and traitor but have to express some criticism. Starting with romance, it,s something i dont have much idea of so i always accept it as it is but if i think of danyl, it just annoys me. It’s just too much, all he does is having relationship issues. since book two you have not let out a single chance to remind everyone that he is a gay man in love. Im gay myself so i dont mind the gay part but when there is so much more interesting stuff going on, like a darn war right in front of his eyes for him its always another guy. Love amir

  4. Dear Trudi,
    greetings from Germany =) I love your books! (okay, not very creativ…)
    Akkarin is the best book character ever! (…worse^^)
    I like the change Regin was doing till The Traitor spy 2. and the upcoming relationship between [spoiler removed] 😀
    I think you build this story as close to reality as it is possible in a fantasy world. Which is pretty close, well done!
    Okay, probably thats just normal fan bubble. I’ll stop here 😉

    I don’t like the german titels.
    But most of all that I still don’t know when I will finally hold the Traitor spy 3 in german in my hands. My brothers, sister and me are really really waiting for it. Can you tell us a deadline?
    Wish you all the best, Lina

  5. Hello!

    Several years ago I read your Age of the Five trilogy and the Black Magician Trilogy which I think was everything you had written at the time I read them. Then not so long ago I spotted the more recent “The Magician’s Apprentice” and the Traitor Spy trilogy books in a bookstore and got so excited I unfortunately embarrassed the friend I was shopping with! I’ve enjoyed reading your books so much, and you’re always one of the authors I would highly recommend to read if someone asks for fantasy-book suggestions. Can’t wait to read anything you publish in the future!

  6. Hi Trudi,

    I just finished “The Traitor Queen” – it was AMAZING! I really hope you continue to write more in this world. The books are so enthralling, the characters are very real and totally enjoyable reading. I’m looking forward to your other titles too. I always recommend you as an author when people ask for advice on a good read. Here’s hoping Hollywood will put some of your work into film!!

  7. I just wanna say thank you for your books. I love the TBMT. I start reading the books at Sunday and at the moment i’m still reading “The High Lord”. I love it! I can’t wait to read the other books. And i wish that this story would never end. 😀
    Keep on doing!!

    Greetings from Germany!

  8. Finished ‘The Traitor Queen’ in 5 hours, really enjoyed it! I love what happend to Regin at the end but i really wish it didn’t have to end so quickly. I wanted to know if it was awkward, any social pressures and what Rothen/Lorkin thought of it.

    My sister gave me the Black Magician Trilogy to read when i was 11, I finished them in less than a week and the ‘Magicians Guild’ was the first book i ever read till the end.
    Now I’m reading constantly, my vocab has improved and generally my life has got better. I’ve thanked my sister for giving me them now I’m thanking you! Thank you so much for the brilliant books and please continue it! ;D

  9. Just got the Traitor Queen today!!
    I am so excited to read it. I have been waiting ages for this book and now I have it here in my hands!
    Well, time to see what happens. Let’s get reading!!

    – Emma-Rebecca Jones xxx

  10. Hi Trudi.
    I just want thank you :) Black Magician Trilogy was my first fantasy book I ever read. And later I began to read many, many different books.
    And I make fan vid about BTM if you want see…

  11. Since meeting you at Waterstone”s book signing last year in Guildford(UK), I have been eagerly anticipating the conclusion to the Traitor Spy Trilogy. Oh boy!!I love Regin’s storyline! Also the introduction of Anyi’s new place in the underworld of a new Imardin, the many questions raised about Igra as well as other story lines/concepts that you have left as little tasters/possibilities of developments for further books in this series. I truly hope that if you revisit this world it will not be set too far in the future than when we left them, and that Sonea and Regin will be present to tell their story, it would not be the same without the wonderful character of Sonea!Thank you so much Trudi!

  12. Hi Trudi

    Greetings from Denmark.

    I just finished The Traitor Queen (English version, simply can’t wait for your books to be translated), thank you for another great story – I’m really looking forward to your next trilogy ’cause to me your writing is of the same high quality as J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

    Keep up the good work – 2014 can’t come soon enough :-)

  13. Finished reading the Traitor Queen and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Thanks Trudi for making a wonderful book. Cannot wait for the next journey!

  14. hi trudie,just finished reading the black magician trilogy,they were great,i have now ordered the traitor trilogy and cant wait to recieve them.what a great character akkarin was in the books, hope the next ones are as good,keep up the good work.

  15. Hi Trudi

    Have read all of your books, and am part way through The Traitor queen. Your writing is amazingly inspirational, and has literally given me a new lease of life. I don’t say this lightly, as I have been going through a tough time over the past few years with chronic pain. When I started to read your first trilogy my mood was immediately lifted. I had a world to escape to which was incredibly exciting and filled with characters which were so believable, they became my friends and my mortal enemies. When you’re explaining how these characters draw on their magic, and also how they use it to heal is so realistic, I’m there with them in the wonderful fantasy worlds you created.

  16. Just thought I’d also mention, that since I finished The Age of Five trilogy, I find myself missing Auraya, Mirar, Emerahl and of course little Mischief. Will you ever write about these wonderful Immortals again? I think there could be still a story to be told surrounding the six Immortals left at the end of this trilogy.

  17. hi!! i just read the black magician trilogy, and i’m so sad that is over!!! Is the first time i feel this way about a book!! i will miss the caracters, and the city i created in my mind!! You have the hability to describe something and automaticaly apears on my mind!! Thank you for being an amazing writer =D

  18. Hi Trudi, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your writing. Since I read the Age of Five Trilogy, I have been hooked, even going so far as to get my sister-in-law’s mother in Australia to forward me early copies of the books when they are released there before Ireland. I loved these books so much, I named my rescued mini-German Shepard Dog Mischief. Your imagination keeps my imagination going. Thanks so much.

  19. Hi Trudi,

    I’ve just finished the Magician’s Trilogy which I discovered by accident in a library.
    I’ve loved every minute of them though a bit sad regading the end of the ‘High Lord’
    Sonea and Akkharin are the best characters ever especially the latter ‘so mysterious’-

    I hope you will consider writing something about Akkharin’s youth and adventure in Sachaka and how he came to become high lord! in more adult way


  20. Hello!

    I just wanted to thank you for TBMT is awesome! After reading the first part I couldn’t focus on anything and I had to buy the second part! Currently I am reading “The Magician’s Apprentice” and I want to emphasize that your way of writing is excellent! Your books turned back in my head!

    Greetings from POLAND! :)

  21. Hello there. I’m a big fan of all you’re book. I started out reading the age of the five and before I knew it I was counting down the days for each release of the Black magician books. I was wondering do you have a plan on revisiting the setting at a later date, perhaps with the Millenium’s rule that you are writing as you have stated there are multiple worlds. If not I will be sad to see the setting vanish but I will still wait like an excited child for each and every book you publish.

    Big fan from England.

  22. Hallo!
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Black magicians Trilogie: I love these books and I love exspecially the ending! (though I am always crying)
    Your world seems so real!

  23. Well, finally it’s over!
    I can rest at night again, that’s fine, but it’s a pity that everything has ended.

    I miss Sonea a lot, so please continue writing. Your story is like a breath of fresh air after too many songs of ice and fire. Your story, and especially your way of writing, directly and interesting.

    I have other books on my nightstand, of course, but I hope to return to Kyralia in a few months (or Sachaka, as I know the next book translated into my language is about Dannyl’s business there). Until then, keep up the good work.

    Best regards.

    • Hey David your name and last name seem very South American to me, do you live here there.

      I live in Peru and it would be nice to find another south american fan

  24. Hi Trudi,
    I have just finished Voice of the Gods and i couldn’t put it down. It was fantastic!!! I’ve given all your books to my husband to read. I can’t wait for your next book whether it be a continuation of the Age of the Five series or the Black Magician saga. :-) Again thankyou.

  25. bonjour trudi,

    tout d’abord je tiens à exprimer mes plus grandes félicitations pour la réussite des deux trilogies, celle du Magicien noir et l’Age des cinq.
    J’apprécie énormément votre qualité d’écriture, ce que l’on ressent pendant la lecture est voisin de ce que l’on ressentirait si nous étions “dans” l’histoire elle-même.
    Quand j’ai commencé a lire la trilogie du magicien noir, je ne pensais plus qu’a lire la suite, à la dévorer des yeux. Le seul regret que je perçois, c’est lorsque l’histoire s’achève, le dénouement tombe, le frisson aussi… c’est alors que démarre une nouvelle trilogie.
    J’attend avec impatience une nouvelle trilogie.

    Merci beaucoup pour ses moments passés grâce à vous.
    Je vous envoie le bonjour de la France! :p

  26. Hey there,
    I just want to say that I’ve read The Black Magician Trilogy so many times, I can’t remember – I love it! I’d also like to congratulate you on being the only author who has succeeded in making me cry – and not only have you done it once, but on a multitude of occasions! In this trilogy alone, be they of joy or sorrow, I have shed more tears than I have in response to any other tale.
    Furthermore, I’d like to thank you for being part of the inspiration for my own writing.
    So basically, in short, you’re amazing. X

  27. Just wanted to write a thank you for all 6 black magician books as well as the 3 age of 5 books. I haven’t ever been much of a reader but since starting the first book of yours I have become addicted to your stores and have read all 10 books within a period of 6 months. Can’t wait to see your new stuff, please keep up the good work and don’t make us wait too long for something else amazing.

  28. Hi Trudi,

    please, please, please write some more stuff in the ‘Age of the Five’ world, I really liked that series, the characters and world were really deep and interesting! I do a bit of writing myself but nothing published yet (maybe one day). I really like your style and learned a lot from reading your books. Keep up the good work!

    All the best,


  29. Hello, I just want to say you are truly my favorite author, I am a big reader got 2 bookshelves of books and a packed box of them in storage and I have to say you are my favorite author out of all the books I read. When I read your stories its honestly like watching a movie going on through my head. Thanks for the great stories cannot wait for your next series if you come out with another ^^.

  30. Hello Trudi,
    I read all your books. First I read the black magican triology. I love it. Then I read your books of the age of the five. GREAT. I read the books of Sonea again before bublished your triology of Sonea. I few days ago I finished the third book. I like your Persons you write about. I love your world of Sonea. It is like a like in the dark of our heart.
    Best wishes and I hope, we read many books from you.
    Ina Christine Gibson from Germany

  31. I know you get this all the time, but I just wanted to tell you I love your books. I feel like such a fan girl. They’re getting me through studying for my exams, whenever I need a break I run away to Imardin. :)

    You’re so great and you should come to Scotland so I can meet you 😀


    P.s I’m a bit sad that the comment below me contained a massive spoiler as now I know how the series ends :(

  32. Hi Trudi,

    Greetings from Austria (:

    As i really really love your books about Sonea, Kyralia etc.. i hope that you will write a new Trilogy because in the end of Traitor Queen it’s to open ended :’D

    Well i love how the story ends but.. i want to read more 😉
    for example the future of Lorkin and Tyvara.. the problems with Igra.. will they solve the problem with drugs.. how will the sociaty change all over the world.. will they find the begining of magic (for Dannyl’s magic-history book).. what dirty secrets do other countries have.. etc..

    well.. at the end of TTQ.. i cried.. i lived with this books for so long and now it’s over /:

    i hope you’ll think of more from Kyralia and the world (:

  33. Just stoped reading “the traitor queen” and hope, ther will be another book (or maybe another triologie) about the “Sonea-universe”. It was very exitig for me reading it.

  34. Awesome, new trilogy already in making! I can’t wait!
    If there’s a need for an extra test reader or spell checking person, I’d gladly do the honours ^_^ good luck writing, Trudi!

  35. Hi Trudi!
    It´s been hard for me to find books in the fantasy genre that really captures me these past couple of years, but then my boyfriend bought me “The Magician´s Guild” as a gift and I LOVED IT! Had to pace myself so I wouldn´t read the trilogy to fast and then miss the books!

    I´m looking forward to read more of your great books in the future!

    Thank you so much!

    Best regards
    Anna from Sweden

  36. Just finished reading The Traitor Queen, absolutely loved it, i have read all you books and really cant wait for the realease of your next series, as with many other fans i would also love to read more books on soneas world, thank you for so many great books.

  37. Ciao! Sono una tua grandissima Fan Italiana e prima di tutto vorrei ringraziarti per averci donato le tue fantastiche avventure sulla Corporazione dei maghi e spero che l’editrice Nord decida di pubblicare anche l’era dei cinque da noi, seppur per ora mi hanno dato parere neutrale negativo. singh.

    Io con dei miei amici stiamo creando un intero gruppo di Cosplay ispirato alla saga dei maghi e ci piacerebbe davvero moltissimo avere un tuo commento e magari consigli sul come realizzare al meglio gli abiti, decori ed accessori.
    Una anteprima sartoriale potrai trovarla sulla mia pagina FB sopra citata e se ti varà piacere sarò più che contenta di poter scambiare Mail con te per la rifinitura.

  38. Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site? I’m getting fed up of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  39. My favorite part about the Black Magicians Trilogy is the Friendship/ Tension between Akkarin and Lorlen, who somehow seem to be two sides of a Coin. In my Opinion [lots of spoilery stuff removed, but read and appreciated by the author].

  40. Thanks for your Top 10 list! I never know what I’m looking for when I decide its time to get some
    ew-to-me reading material. I stumbled across your books in a B&N’s. Shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, they say, but that’s what made me pick up The Magician’s Guild and The Magician’s Apprentce. Initially… I read the first two pages and took them home.
    Thank you for the escape from the everyday monotony, when reality comes at you in full force, and the opportunity for a vacation is so far off it makes your heart sink.

  41. First of all I want to say fantastic blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. I’ve had trouble clearing my mind in getting my
    thoughts out. I truly do take pleasure in writing
    but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally wasted simply just trying to figure out how to begin.
    Any ideas or tips? Cheers!

  42. Trudi – Your imagination and the stories you have created are more addictive than roet! Magical and uplifting – I’m loving the way you tackle the massive issue of drugs and class and homophobia. One Voice can be so powerful. Thank you xx

  43. Oi Trudi, tudo bem!

    È um imenso prazer falar com você.

    [Lots of text about how the book ended removed to avoid spoiling the plot.]

    Para mim o final foi sem graça, me desculpe mas não gostei.

  44. Thank you for your books <3
    Anna from Poland

  45. Just want to say a big Thank You.

    Your books make me delve into a world everyone wants to be in, i read them all the time.

    if you ever get a small idea for another trilogy of kyrilia please follow it

    – you are one of the authors i reli enjoy reading and have found a desire to write a book although im in no rush to do so – much prefer to read them

    so really just wanted to say thanks for filling my time with great reading

  46. THANK YOU!!!
    You are the best. Create film about Sonea, please!
    Johny “Kostek” S. from Poland.

  47. dear trudi
    im from germany i dont speak english ver well but i try it for you.
    i would thank you very much for your books i read all the book i love the sonea saga but the triologie magier,priester and götter was the best.
    i love the character EMERAHL and the flying siyees.
    please write more :)

  48. Hi Trudi! I ran across the first book of the Traitor Spy series at a used book store last summer. Loved it! Then got “the Rogue” and was still loving the series. Went on to read other author books as I awaited the third book’s release to this series. Anyway, ran into a few more books that you had written this last week. Honestly not sure why, but I never investigated you as an author. Sorry! I’ve plowed through the three books from the Black Magician Trilogy and have the Magician’s Apprentice started all since last Monday. You are a fantastic writer!!!! All of your books have been easy to read and very interesting–my “best find” author this year. Thank you so much!!!

  49. Ms. Canavan,

    I saw your interview on Sword and Laser. I must confess that I had never heard of your work and also admit that I rarely read . It is difficult for me to stay interested in most books. However, your appearance on S&L piqued my interest. I downloaded the three books of your first trilogy to my Kindle and began reading it this morning at work. I couldn’t pull myself away. I just finished it when I got home and loved it. It was quite satisfying. I will start the second book shortly as I settle into bed. Thank you for such lovely characters.

    РJohn Commer̩e РSeattle, WA РUSA

  50. Hi Trudi,

    I’m french and I’ve bought the black magician trilogy one month ago, and all I want to say is thank you so much for this great trilogy! Night’s were a bit short because I haven’t many time to read, so until sleeping I’ve read your books, it was so exciting… Sometimes when I saw I’ll have less than 3 hours to sleep before going to work I forced myself to close books.

    I hope others books are at less as good as this trilogy. I’ll certainly bought the traitor spy trilogy in few days with the magician’s apprentice. If I have a bit more time I think about the age of five too.

    Thanks you so much again, you’re one of my favourite writer now.



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