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Book Signing Etiquette Update

In preparation for my European Tour of ’11 I wrote a blog post on book signing etiquette that was very popular and hopefully useful, too. I’ve just updated it based on my experiences last time.

Book Signing Etiquette

In particular, I learned that there’s a lot of hauling bags on and off trains during these tours and my back just isn’t up to that. I’ll be travelling with a carry-on sized bag and mailing home anything that doesn’t fit.

Mini Tour: Poland, Germany, UK and WFC


As I’ve been tweeting, I’m going to be at World Fantasy Con in Brighton at the end of next month. It’ll be my first WFC and I’m looking forward to discovering what they are like.

I couldn’t come all that way for a holiday and not take the opportunity to also meet a few fans, so I added ten more days to my trip to offer to publishers for publicity events. I’m calling these ten days my Mini Tour of 2013.

However, I know I need to emphasise that this is an add-on to my holidays, not a fully publisher-financed trip. I don’t have a new book coming out in time for the trip so it’s best to save publicity budgets and my time away from writing for when we’ll get the most benefit from it. And since it’s only a short Mini Tour, publishers have chosen central locations for events.

Poland: Author event at 6pm, Oct 11th at Empik Bondarka, ul. Kamienskiego 11, Krakow.

Germany: Event schedule here.

United Kingdom: Forbidden Planet signing information here.

Paris: Visit the Bragelonne Blog for information.

World Fantasy Con: website.

Facebook Interview Answers


Thanks to everyone who submitted questions in the reader interview over on Facebook, and to everyone who voted. They were all great questions, and I had fun answering them. You can find a link to the interview over on my Facebook page, or follow this one.

We have more events planned for the Facebook page, so keep visiting!

New Badges! More Swag!

Paul and I have been hard at work making these:

quote badges

Back in 2011 I gave away badges, designed by me and printed by my publisher, at Supanova Melbourne and in the UK. They were so popular I decided I’d have to look into having an ongoing supply of them.

Turns out the cheapest way for me to do this was to borrow a button-making machine from a friend (thanks Margaret!), order blanks from the US and make them myself. Being a crafty hands-on sort of person with a background in graphic design this was doubly fun, though it was pretty time-consuming.

Last time I had three quotes. This time I have four – the same ones I use on my bookmarks. I also couldn’t resist making a sets of theses:

character badges

Which I might offer up as prizes in the future. One set, of course, is for me.

New Swag: Character Sketch Bookmarks

I have a new bookmark design to bring to signing events along with the quote ones:

character bookmark

It features the character sketches from my Sekrit Project – the free computer wallpaper calendars I made last year.

I’d always intended to make something out of the sketches – perhaps a poster or postcard – but I wanted to redraw a few and do some tweaking so they all matched in line weight and style. It took me six months to find the time. In the end I chose to make bookmarks because I need an alternative to the quote bookmarks for fans who come to signings where english isn’t a well-known second language.

(Please note: since I produce these bookmarks myself in small quantities, I only give them out as a thank you gift to fans who come to signings or as competition prizes, not to anyone who emails to ask for some.)