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Continuum 9: Contraindicators


Next weekend I’ll be attending the local Melbourne convention. Since I’m very busy polishing up Thief’s Magic, I probably won’t make it to the whole convention. But I am doing a panel…

Plot 101 – Sunday 11:00 until Sunday 12:00
Tangled in your own story? Plotting can be a challenge even for the most experienced author. Learn some tricks and tips from the professionals here.

… and bringing some weaving looms in for…

We Do This Stuff So You Can Write About It – Sunday 16:00 until Sunday 17:00
What does a park ranger actually do? How do traditional handcrafts actually feel? What’s it like to cross swords?

… and I’ll be following the International Guest of Honour, Nora Jemesin, around like a fan girl, because she’s awesome.

Fearsome Journeys

This arrived in the mail last week:


And today is the official release date! Woohoo!

Fearsome Journeys, edited by the lovely Jonathan Strahan, contains a story that I had simmering away in my mind for many years about a particular kind of parasitic magic. A couple of years ago, while I was weaving on my loom and letting my mind wander, the first line popped into my head out of nowhere and suddenly I knew how to write the entire story.

It often happens like that with me and short stories. The idea floats around for years until suddenly it’s ready to be written.

As you can see, my story enjoys some fine company:

“The Effigy Engine: A Tale of the Red Hats”, Scott Lynch
“Amethyst, Shadow, and Light”, Saladin Ahmed
“Camp Follower”, Trudi Canavan
“The Dragonslayer of Merebarton”, K J Parker
“leaf and branch and grass and vine”, Kate Eliot
“Spirits of Salt: A Tale of the Coral Heart”, Jeffrey Ford
“Forever People”, Robert V S Redick
“Sponda the Suet Girl and the Secret of the French Pearl”, Ellen Klages
“Shaggy Dog Bridge: A Black Company Story”, Glen Cook
“The Ghost Makers”, Elizabeth Bear
“One Last, Great Adventure”, Ellen Kushner & Ysabeau Wilce
“The High King Dreaming”, Daniel Abraham

I love that you can buy it from the publisher or follow the retailer links on that page. Easy peasy.

Wax On; Wax Off

I’m busy polishing Thief’s Magic, making that book shine and sparkle, so I may be a bit quiet here for a while. I’ll be Tweeting my progress, though, along with the usual Twitter silliness.

Conflux9 – Junkyard Cathedral

Aaand the final Conflux post:

On the Saturday night Conflux9 held a Masquerade, which is kind of a non-compulsary dress-up party and disco with a theme. This years theme was Junkyard Cathedral, which was about recycling trash into gothic glamour.

Well, I went more for trash than glamour, converting a Royal Mail post bag into a dress and a bubblewrap satchel into a clutch:


Plenty of others got into the spirit of the theme, with torn up, trashy, recycled steampunk and gothy costumes. Here’s selection:



We danced to cheesy 80s and 90s dance music until the hotel curfew, then mingled in the bar for a few hours more. A very enjoyable night!

Conflux9 – The Ditmars

The Ditmars were announced on the Saturday night of Conflux9. They are like the Hugos in that they are voted upon by members of a conventions, our National Science Fiction Convention, and a couple of other awards are presented at the same time. I took along my zoom lens and managed to take a few good pics, though not all turned out. Here’s the best of them:

Deb Biancotti, the MC – and a fine job she did of keeping everyone in line and entertained.

Yes, there was Lego. They were creating a stand in for someone who couldn’t make it to the ceremony, I believe.


The audience, watching the proceedings with rapt attention.


And not a few nerves, I suspect.


Bill Wright had a throne. I’m not entirely sure why, but he did appear to enjoy it.


Dave Cake did the physical hard labour of delivering the awards to the winners. In this case, the Peter McNamara Award.


Which went to Nick Stathopoulos.


Bill Wright and Grant Stone presenting Russell B Farr with the A. Bertram Chandler Award.


Kirstyn McDermott receiving the Best Fan Publication in Any Medium (won jointly with Ian Mond).


Kathleen Jennings taking the Best Artwork category.


David McDonald snaffling the Best New Talent prize.


Thoraiya Dyer, who won the Best Short Story.


Kaaron Warren thrilled to receive the Best Novella or Novelette.


Nalo Hopkinson announcing the winner of the Best Novel…


… and Margo Lanagan accepting the award.

I didn’t catch everyone and not all the winners were there, so for the full results, go here.

Congratulations to the winners!