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Polish Editions Giveaway

Recently a little box of books arrived for me containing a copy each of the Polish editions of the Age of the Five, as well as the audio edition of The Magicians’ Guild.

Now, getting these to fit on the bookcase isn’t easy, as I have a lot of author copies taking up space. So I figured the best way to make room was to have a giveaway. This is whats up for grabs:

Giveaway One:

Giveaway Two and Three:

So, that’s three sets of four books. One containing the Black Magician Trilogy and The Magicians’ Apprentice. Two containing the Black Magician Trilogy and Priestess of the White.

What do you have to do to have one of these sets of books? Nothing except to leave your name in the comments. If you would prefer one set over another, let me know, but otherwise the sets go to the first people to comment. I’ll get in contact with you to get your address, then I’ll sign all the books and send them to you.

It’s that easy!

The books have all been claimed. Thank you to everyone who commented!

Victoria Gardens A&R Signing

A big thank you to the staff at Victoria Gardens Angus & Robertson, especially to Terry who organised the event (and for posing with me for the photo!). They were very friendly and were all prepared with a table, huge display and even a mike to announce the signing.

Thanks, too, to all the people who stopped to say hello, buy a book and have their books signed. I enjoyed a lovely chat with all of you. And thanks to Janet for coming back to keep me company toward the end and while I was signing the rest of the stock.

I signed plenty, too! So if you’re after a freshly signed copy of one of my books, Victoria Gardens Angus & Robertson (Victoria, Australia) is the place to go. (There weren’t many of The Magician’s Apprentice, though, so if that’s the one you’re after it would be a good idea to ring and reserve a copy.)

Signing at Angus & Robertson

Mad deadline chasing season is upon me. I have three months to finish The Rogue, which means I’ll be focused mainly on writing (although I’ll be taking breaks to allow my back to recover) for that time. I’ve made only a couple of exceptions to the ‘nothing but writing’ rule…

This coming Saturday (the 5th) I’ll be signing books at the Victoria Gardens Angus & Robertson store from 12 noon to 1:30 pm. Here’s the address:

Shop F11 Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre
Cnr Burnley & Victoria Streets
Richmond, 3121
Victoria, Australia
Phone: 03 9421 8817

And yes, it’s the shopping centre with IKEA. I might have to try the swedish meatballs everyone raves so much about.

Italian Edition of The Magician’s Apprentice

Around the world there are wonderful people working away at bringing my books to readers of many languages. While I know there’s a lot going on, generally all I get to see of this process is this:

a) an email comes through from my agent running the details by me
b) a contract arrives, which I sign and send back to my agent
c) eventually, though not always, a box of books arrives

Usually I don’t get any news on when the book is going to be published. In fact, most of the time I don’t know if the book has ever been published unless a copy arrives here! For years I thought the Russian edition of the BMT had never made it to print, when it turned out it had. (I’d received the advances, but it was a single print run contract.)

I’ve learned to just accept these quirks of the industry. Foreign language edition publishers are often small companies who may not be able to afford to send books to authors – who probably live in another country so the postage will be costly. When they do, I always put a picture up on this site, so that readers of that language know there is one published (or was – some are once-off print runs and that have sold out).

I’d also like to post the cover on this blog when a new foreign edition arrives, for the same reason. This morning a box of Italian editions of The Magician’s Apprentice arrived. I don’t know when it’ll be released, but I imagine it will be soon.

Legends of Australian Fantasy

Last week I was very excited to receive my author copy of Legends of Australian Fantasy, an anthology of fantasy novellas. What a beautiful cover! The anthology was put together by two big names of the Australian SF scene: Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan – both lovely people who I adore. Below the title there’s a list of contributors, but you probably can’t read it so I’ll copy it out here:

“Sean Williams, Kim Wilkins, Cecelia Dart-Thornton, Isobelle Carmody, Trudi Canavan, Garth Nix, John Birmingham, D M Cornish, Jennifer Fallon, Ian Irvine, Juliet Marillier”

It gives me a little thrill to see my name among such well known, respected local authors – most who I’ve met and many whose work I’ve read and loved. I’m itching to read their novellas.

My novella is called “The Mad Apprentice” and is the story of how black magic came to be banned by the Guild.

How do you get a hold of the anthology? It will be available in Australia in June. As for other parts of the world… I’ve been told that contracts are being negotiated. If you’re really keen to get hold of one now, you could try mail-ordering from an Australian bookshop. (Just do a search for “Australian SF bookstores”.)

The Ambassador’s Mission

The official release date is tomorrow!

Here’s Neha’s copy, about to be wrapped up and posted.

I am hiding behind it because I accidentally sat on my glasses the other night, and they’re a bit crooked now.

And the Winner Is…


Congratulations Neha. Send me your address details and I’ll sign a book and send it your way.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and wrote such lovely things about my new website. It’s been every interesting and insightful to see which features people liked. A lot of people like purple! (To answer an often-asked question, the photo came before the website. I don’t know if the designers chose the colour because of the photo, but the previous site was also purple so maybe that influenced their decision.)

Choosing a winner was not easy. I wanted to have a winner selected last Saturday, but I realised that spammers had been copying earlier comments and reposting them. At first I didn’t think that was a problem; I’d just choose a comment I liked and just check that it wasn’t a spam one. But once I started rereading the comments I realised I couldn’t choose. The comments were so lovely, I wanted to give books to everyone.

So it would have to be a randomly chosen comment. That meant that, to be fair, I had to cull the copycat spam. This led to me spending all of Monday and most of Tuesday morning copying and pasting a few words from every comment into the comment search function, one by one, to see if any had been replicated. All 265 of them. After I’d culled the spam out, I then found a random number generator and counted my way through comments until I had a winner.

I certainly won’t be running a competition where entries are comments again! It’ll definitely be email, with a temporary email address I can delete later.

Once again, thanks for all your lovely comments. I’m hope the designer has been reading them, as they’d be a great ego boost. They certainly were for me!

Free Signed Copy of The Ambassador’s Mission!

To celebrate my new shiny website, I’m holding up a signed brand spanking new copy of The Ambassador’s Mission, first book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy, and yelling “WHO WANTS A COPY?”.

(Well, I will be once they arrive – which will be any day now. Me spinning with anticipation? Never!)

What do you have to do to in order to claim a signed copy of The Ambassador’s Mission for yourself? Just leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite part of my shiny new website is, and why.

Yep, I’ll post it anywhere in the world. Don’t leave your address in the comments, of course. I’ll email you to find our your details.

The competition ends 1st May 2010.

Welcome to My New Website!

Haven’t the Orbit and the designer, Clockpunk Studios, done a brilliant job? I love it!

They’ve been working on it for the last month or so. I’ve also got stuck in and edited, updated or rewritten all of the old text. (Some of it was very old indeed – my entry on Neil Gaiman in the Recommended Reading pages only mentioned Sandman!)

So… what’s new?

* I’ve added a new ‘10 Non-fiction Favourites‘ page to the Recommended Reading section.
* There’s a new ‘Report a Typo‘ page under ‘Contact’ where you can tell me of any errors you find in the books – and check if anyone has noted them before.
* There’s a ‘Short Stories & Novellas‘ page where you can find out what I’ve had published and in which magazines or anthologies.
* In ‘Future Worlds’ there is a description of the next series I’m going to write.

I hope you find the new site easy to navigate and enjoy the new features. Let me know what you think in the comments.

New Website

Orbit are in the midst of redesigning my website. I’ve seen a few screenshots of it, and I love it. I can’t wait until it goes live!

Blog posts from this site will be transferred over to the new site so, to prevent any comments made after the conversion being lost, I’m shutting down comments on all my posts. You can still send me emails and leave messages in the guestbook.