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August Calendar – Ashaki Achati

It’s taken me a while to find usable reference photos for Achati. I’d always imagined Sachakans to be a broad and stocky people, a little like polynesians in appearance. Achati, however, is smaller and more refined than the average Sachakan. Scouring the internet, I eventually found one actor and a tourist shot to refer to for a general face shape. But for the clothing and body pose I searched for Mexican and Spanish costumes so I’d have a short jacket shape as a base (but, of course, removed the sombrero and decorations on the pants).

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Click on the image to get to a full size version. As before, if you don’t know how to download and set images to be your computer screen wallpaper, seek the help of your usual source of computer advice.

Win a Set of Bookmarks

As I said in my last post, I recently had a small initial run of bookmarks printed to give away at signings. Now, since I’m not going on tour this year, I thought I’d give readers a chance to own a set by holding a little competition. And as a little experiment and to reward my followers in Pinterest, I’m going to be running the competition over there.

I have three sets of bookmarks up for grabs. So, if you’d like a set of bookmarks and have signed up to Pinterest, choose which of the quotes you like best, click on it and it will take you to the pin of it. Repin the pin. Pinterest will send me an email notifying me of your repin. I’ll put those emails aside and next Tuesday, 10:00 am Melbourne time, I’ll pick a winner.

I have no idea if this will work, as I’ve not seen anyone running competitions on Pinterest before. I couldn’t see anything that said it was against the rules. So no promises that it won’t all fall in a heap. If that happens… well, let’s play it by ear. If it works, well, I might do the same sort of thing in the future but with books as prizes. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

(UPDATE: And the winners are… Kate Hackett, Paola Rq and Paul John. Please email me with your address!)

New Bookmarks

Last year I designed some badges to give away at my first Supanova and on the European Tour, and they were eagerly snapped up by fans. I also had some bookmarks made, but they weren’t so successful – something that I don’t think was completely due to the badges being more desirable. You see, the hard part of designing a single bookmark for myself is that it has to reflect several series of books, and in the end I opted for what was essentially a long business card with a list of my books on it. (And actually, the idea was I could fold them in half and they became business cards.)


Retrospect is a wonderful thing. I can now see that, when you trade in words, words might be what best publicises your books. I chose quotes for those badges that might appeal to people even if they hadn’t read the books. Maybe if they liked the quote, they might try the book. The fun part of giving them away was that the three quotes were equally popular, and I enjoy seeing whether someone will be a Thief, Magician or On a Quest badge person.


So I’ve taken the quote idea from the badges and designed bookmarks based on them. And added a fourth bookmark with a quote from the Black Magician Trilogy.

The new bookmarks

The new bookmarks will be a little extra bonus for anyone who comes to a signing. The old bookmarks? Well, they do make fantastic business cards, and I can still give them to people who want a list of the books I’ve written.

In the Mailbox 2: The Traitor Queen Giveaway

The other parcel to arrive recently was a box of The Traitor Queens. To celebrate I’m giving away a signed copy to a randomly selected commenter who correctly answers this question:

What is the vital difference between what can be done by the wearer of a blood ring, and the creator (as in, the person whose blood was used to make it)?

Comments close in 24 hours, at 10 am tomorrow morning in Melbourne, Australia. (Though if I get a lot of comments it may take me a while to select and announce the winner.)

(UPDATE) Comments now closed.
(UPDATE 2) Winner has been chosen. Congrats Maeve!

In the Mailbox: Mine to Yours

UPDATE – All books have found new homes. Thanks to everyone who commented. And sorry about the language/country mistake!

It’s been a while since I wrote an In the Mailbox post, mostly because nothing of note had arrived in a while. Then two things happened. First a batch of foreign language edition books arrived. Trouble is, I can’t remember which language it was in because then my agent had a clean out, giving me three boxes of foreign language editions she didn’t need, and they quickly became part of the general sorting out of what to keep. After I made sure I had one of everything I looked at the price of postage to the countries the book had come from, picked myself back up off the floor, and sent everything to charity. Well, except for these:

Set 1: The Dutch reissue of the Black Magician Trilogy.

Set 2: The Italian Black Magician Trilogy.

Set 3: The Spanish Black Magician Trilogy plus The Magician’s Apprentice.

All which I’m going to send to send to three lucky commenters.

Please take note:
One set of books per commenter. Please indicate which set/language you would like.

I will not separate sets of books. Posting books to the other side of the world from Australia costs almost as much as the book does, but the larger the parcel the more economical the postage is. If you want only some of the books, please give the rest to friends, family, the local library or a charity.

The first to leave a valid comment gets the set. Valid comments are ones expressing a wish to have the books, and an intention for them to go to someone who reads in the language (not that you wish one day to speak it, collect books, or think the cover is cool). I prefer to send books to people who will read them.

Bear in mind that while most of these books are in good condition, some arrived a little marked. It is a bit too much to expect books to travel halfway around the world and still be in perfect shape.

I will email you to get your address. If you do not reply in 3 days I will select the writer of the next valid comment.

I will sign and dedicate the books to whoever will receive them. I’ll leave some books undedicated if requested, but not all. If requested I’ll include a few signed bookplates as well, but only for the commenter who gets the books.

I’ll be sending them sea mail, so it’s going to take up to two months for them to arrive.

These three sets of books are all I have up for grabs so don’t ask me for another set or books in other languages.