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Discussing Contact (Swancon) on ABC Radio National

The interview was a lot of fun, shifted from conventions to writing, and seemed to be over in a flash. Here it is…

Writing Sex and Dystopia in Speculative Fiction

The Book Show

Tomorrow (Monday 6th April) I’m going to be on talking live in the studio on ABC National’s The Book Show. Along with Richard Morgan, we’ll be discussing Contact, the convention I mentioned in the last post. Tune in at 10 am, or drop by the site later to listen to the podcast.

Making Contact in Perth


Next week I head west to Contact, Perth’s annual convention. This time not just in the role of paticipant, audience member, panellist and author, but as the National Guest. Which means I’ll be working extra hard to be entertaining, inspiring and fun.

The first event will be a talk at the City of Stirling’s Osborne Library, alongside the International Guest Richard Morgan. It’s at 9 Royal Street, Tuart Hill, starting at 11:30am. The flier is here.

I may also be doing some bookshop visits to sign stock before the con – I’ll post details when they come in.

At the convention my schedule is:


7:30 pm – Opening Ceremony


3:00 pm – Book Signing

7:30 pm – launch of The Priestess and the Slave

9:30 pm – Panel: Religion in fantasy


8:00-9:00 pm – Masquerade Judging

9:30 pm – Panel: So why the hell do you want to be a writer anyway?


12:00 pm – Guest of Honour Speech

3:00 pm – Panel: What’s hot in fantasy?

4:00 pm – Book Signing


11:00 am – Panel: Sexuality in speculative fiction

12:00 pm – Panel: Writing Fantasy, Tips & Techniques

4:00 pm – Closing Ceremony


Hope to see some of you there!


Today I’m starting a three week writing stint, in which I hope to finish the first draft of The Ambassador’s Mission. It’s going to be quite a challenge to get it done in that time, so I’m doing what I call ‘hermitising’. This means only family, friends and maintaining my physical (and mental) health are allowed to draw me away from writing. No publicity, no lunches with publishers or agents, no unnecessary blogging.

So things may get a bit quiet around here. But I am considering posting small updates on my progress. It might be fun to share a little of the craziness of writing under pressure, and make me feel a little less like a hermit.

3CR – Published or Not

Today I headed into the city to the funky studio of 3CR Community Radio where Jan Goldsmith interviewed me live for her show ‘Published or Not’.


I had a fabulous time talking with her about The Magician’s Apprentice and the world I created for The Black Magician Trilogy, and about writing. Jan picked up so many themes and details from the book beyond the simple story, and I think we could have easily talked for a full hour.


Being a live interview, there were plenty of butterflies before the show, but once we got into the swing of things I felt much more relaxed!