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Melbourne Bookseller Dinner


Last Monday I had a wonderful night out with a group of booksellers at Trunk, a restaurant on Exhibition Street in Melbourne.

It was a fine meal with lovely and interesting company. I love booksellers. They are both passionate and knowledgeable about books and great down-to-earth people. I look forward to seeing these people again soon, when I do a booksigning tour around Melbourne.

So thankyou to: Ineke from Dymocks at The Pines, Aaron and Fay from Dymocks Glen Waverley, Kat from Dymocks Camberwell, Laughlan from Hachette, Scott from Tim’s Bookshop, me, and Louise from Dymocks. (And Matt Hoy, who took the photo!)

Signing at Southland

c-tma-uk-hb.jpgNext week I have not one, but two public events to enjoy. The first is the Summer Reading panel and the second is my first Melbourne signing event.

When: 12-1pm, Saturday 21st February

Where: Dymocks Southland, 3067-8 Westfield Southland, 1239 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham.

So come on down and get your books signed! 


The last few days have been harrowing here in Victoria, Australia, as thousands of people have lost their homes and hundreds their lives in savage bushfires. I was a teenager growing up on the edge of the Dandenong ranges when the Ash Wednesday fires devastated so much of the local areas, and was visiting the area in 1997 when fire burned out the forest above the house I was to later buy (the ‘little house on a hillside near a forest’ which I sold last year). Although I’ve been lucky, growing up and living on the edge of an area notorious for bushfire does make you very aware of the dangers and terrible consequences. Just the smell of smoke can make me edgy.


These fires have been far, far worse. It’s early days yet, and there are many theories being discussed as to why, but whatever the reason the result has been tragic.


My heartfelt sympathies go to all those who have lost loved ones, and also to those who lost homes, pets, livestock and businesses. There is a list of ways to help on the ABC site – from donating money and clothing to giving blood to minding pets. The Red Cross appears to be the main fundraiser, but don’t forget the smaller charities – Wildlife Victoria, for example, which lost two animal shelters and is likely to be inundated with injured animals.

Summer Reading

dreaming again.jpgIn a week’s time I’ll be making a public appearance at a local library to talk on a panel about Dreaming Again, an anthology of Australian speculative fiction that was published recently. (Here’s my post about it.) Jack Dann, Cecelia Dart-Thornton, Adam Browne and I will be talking about the anthology and our stories published within it. And most likely about life, the universe and writing.


Here are the details:


Jack Dann  and Dreaming Again authors visit to Nunawading

Date and Time           Wednesday 18 February, 2009 7.00 – 8.30 PM

Venue                         Nunawading Library

379 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading Vic 3131 

Bookings                  Phone 9873 5638 or online at

Program                     Panel of sc-fi and fantasy writers in conversation

Refreshments           Light refreshments

Transport and Access         

Melways ref. 48 G9

Tell Me What You Think

c-tma-uk-hb.jpgI love hearing what people thought of my books, or reading messages that go “Wooo! It’s out!”, and even having errors pointed out (it’s usually possible to get them fixed for the reprints).

Normally it’s better if those messages go in the Guestbook, but it’s easy to miss the link to it in the sidebar over there on the right. So feel free to leave a comment here on this post. But do bear in mind that the Guestbook makes your email address available to me if I should decide to reply to you, wheras I haven’t found a way to access email addys in Movable Type.

Also please remember, do not include any spoilers in your comment. I’ve recieved some lovely comments and guestbook messages but had to delete them because they’d give away the story for others. If you want to mention something that would spoil the plot, send me a message via the fanmail address.