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Filling in the Dance Card

The program for Conflux 5 arrived the other day, so I can now list the events I’ll be taking part in:


Friday October 3rd

9pm – Dreaming Again Launch

Saturday October 4th

4pm – Mass Book Signing

Sunday October 5th

10am – Achieving the Dream panel

11am – Choosing an Overlord panel

4pm – Making the Jump panel


There will be no bookshop signing outside of the con, unfortunately. My on-the-ground organising guru is moving house right now and has enough on her hands. Also, I’ll be flying up now so won’t have a car to get myself to a signing in anyway. I’ll be heading home earlier, too, so I can continue writing The Ambassador’s Mission.

Dreaming Again

Back in 1999, when I was an unpublished wannabe with my finger on the pulse, I heard about an Aussie speculative fiction anthology to top all Aussie speculative fiction anthologies: Dreaming Down Under, edited by Jack Dann and Janeen Webb. Oh, how I wanted to have a story in that anthology, but it was invitation-only and if anyone in the local industry knew me at all it was as an illustrator, or as the art director of Aurealis magazine.

Still, I went to the launch and got nearly every story in my copy signed by it’s creator. Dreaming Down Under went on to win the 1999 World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology and the stories within it appeared in Year’s Best anthologies and won oodles of awards for themselves.

Eight or so years later I get a phone call from Jack inviting me to contribute a story to the follow-up anthology: Dreaming Again. Suddenly I was the excitable wannabe again, bouncing around the house. But I hadn’t written a short story in years, being all caught up in time-consuming Big Honking Fantasy Trilogies. I had ideas, though. There are always ideas, buzzing around like blowflies waiting to be caught.

Getting that story out and then beaten into shape wasn’t easy, what with all the troubles we had last year, but every time I felt like giving up I thought of Jack, and how I didn’t want to let him down. So out came “The Lost Property Room”.

c-dreaming.jpgNow Dreaming Again is out and about, gathering some great reviews, including in The Australian, and it was pick of the week in The Age. The launch is fast approaching. It will be held at Conflux 5, the science fiction and fantasy convention I mentioned in a previous post, at 9pm on Friday 3rd October. I’ll be there, along with plenty of other contributors, helping Jack celebrate the release of another fabulous anthology.


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Conventions in Australia

Every year I go to one or two science fiction conventions in Australia. What is a science fiction convention, or ‘con’? Well, it can be different things for different people, so I just googled up a few descriptions and this one seems to sum them up pretty well. The cons I attend are the fan-run ones, and they tend to include literary, media, gaming and comic book ‘streams’ all in the one con. Several states have their own local cons, and each reflects the interests of the locals. Some, for example, have a more literary flavour, some have a lot of members into costuming.

As an author, I usually sit on a few panels, sign books, and sometimes judge a short story or art competition, or launch books. Otherwise I’m just another member of the con, watching panels, attending events and generally hanging about with friends.

The next con I’ll be attending is Conflux 5, running from Friday the 3rd of October to Monday the 6th of October in Canberra. Conflux, which is held every year, tends more towards the literary side of sf than most other cons and attracts lots of local authors. Most publishing companies that have an imprint of science fiction and fantasy are based in Sydney, which is close enough to Canberra that they can easily participate.

For me and my partner it’s an eight hour drive north. It’s a long drive, but we always try to stay in Canberra a little longer so we can catch up with friends. And that usually means I can fit in a signing at a bookshop, too. One hasn’t been arranged so far this time, but I’ll be sure to post details here if it is.

I’ll also post a schedule of panels and events I’ll be participating in, once that information comes my way. So if you’d like to come join in the fun and catch me at one of the con events, then ‘watch this space’.

Mug Shots

A few weekends ago I finally got around to having a new author photo taken. Looking through the rejects, I can’t help but marvel at the silly expressions on my face. And not always deliberately, either. So I’ve uploaded the best of them, and what it looks like I was (but probably wasn’t) thinking at the time:


 Heh. Author photo. Piece of cake.













 You want me to turn which way?













 Oh. I see. Is that physically possible?













No, I won’t cross my eyes and act like a monkey! 













Why yes, I would like you to Photoshop out my wrinkles. 













Aww. Puddy tat wants to be part of photo. No, you can’t be part of photo, putty tat. 















 Hmph. Always somebody tries to steal the limelight. 













Mmm. It’s nice and warm under these lights. I could really do with a nap… 













No. I’m awake, really. Honest!













We’re done? Great! I could kill for a cup of tea.