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Welcome to my new blog!

Why a new blog? Well, the old blog program was a bit clunky, particularly when constructing posts. In the first months the blog existed, the only comments that appeared did not relate to the posts I’d written, or they contained spoilers. So I turned comments off.

I was pretty new to blogging and hadn’t grasped all the ways I could control the blog’s content, and how it was used by myself and visitors. Between the clunkiness of the program and having no ‘conversation’ with commenters, I lost enthusiasm for it. And all that stuff that happened last year didn’t help, either.

Then this year I started reading Justine Larbalestier‘s lighthearted and confident blog. Suddenly (perhaps I’m a bit slow) I realised that it’s my blog. I get to decide how my blog is used. I get to make the rules. And I can ensure people follow them by using the wonderful comment approval feature.

The rules are in the sidebar, to the right.

Some of these rules are there to help make a visit to this blog a pleasant one. The most important one is the No Plot Spoilers rule. Lots of readers who haven’t finished reading a book or a series, or have read one series but not the other, visit this site. I don’t want their enjoyment of the stories spoiled by a comment revealing the ending of a book, or the conclusion of a romance. However, I get to decide what is a plot spoiler and what isn’t. (I so love this making the rules thing.)

Rants or insults are not welcome. In order to reduce the chances of rants and insults, I’d prefer if discussions of the three subjects best avoided in polite company – sex, religion and politics – were avoided. I’ve read my share of forums, and would love a dollar for ever time a furore has started over one or a combination of the three. I may allow some discussion of either in the context of my books, but reserve the right to delete comments if things start to turn unpleasant.

Some of the blog rules relate to legal issues. Read my FAQ page if you want to know why I don’t want people making story suggestions. The reasons for the private information rule ought to be obvious, but occasionally a naive child sends me their home address and then wonders why their guestbook entry doesn’t show up.

Finally, leading back to where I started, I will not be approving comments that don’t relate in any way to the post I’ve written. The place to leave fawning praise, intelligent observation or bouncy enthusiasm is the guestbook. There is a no-spoiler rule there as well, so if you are bursting to say something spoilery just send me an email via the fanmail page.

Which brings me to another important thing for you to note. If you make an interesting point or ask a question that I think other readers might like to read my response to, I may copy, anonymously, it into an entry on this blog. If you do not want me to quote you, even anonymously, let me know in the email or guestbook entry.

Well, that about covers it. Now I just need to get back into the habit of thinking “Ooh! I can blog about this!” whenever something bloggable happens along.

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