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Winner of the Thief’s Magic Proof Copies

Unlike last year, nobody came to Supanova dressed as a character from my books – at least none that came up to me at the author stand for a photo – so I’ve decided to give both of the proof copies to entrants who sent photos via email. I numbered the entries chronologically, then went to a random number generator site to find the winners.

The first winner was no 11…


Which was Caitlin, who sent this fabulous pic:


The second winner was no 6…


Which was Marion, who took this beautiful photo:


Congratulations to both of the winners, and thanks to everyone who dressed up and sent me photos. The entries ranged from quirky and clever to atmospheric and detailed. All were awesome! And it was such a treat to see other people’s interpretations of characters I created.

Supanova Melbourne

Supanova in Melbourne was fabulous. I met many adorable fans and had a wonderful time with my fellow authors, guests and the Supanova staff and volunteers, despite having almost no voice at times thanks to picking up a cold the weekend before.

It was also very busy, so I didn’t manage to take as many photos. But I did get some good ‘uns…

With Lucy Lawless as one of the guests, both Supanovas had a few well exectued Xenas.


A very tolerant Cyberman who was commandeered for several photos next to the author table.


And Michael Pryor, author extraordinaire, who would occasionally bring out his flaming book. I now have prop envy.

I’m getting better at finding time to go shopping. I pick up these wonderful necklaces at the Gold Coast Supanova from Vaudeville Couture:


And this adorable turtle from Pirate Dragon:


I grabbed this wallet from one of my favourite designers, Jubly-Umph Originals:




And I couldn’t resist this replica cat skull from Night Shade FX:


Why? Because they’re interesting to draw and paint. And speaking of drawing… I picked up a couple of comics:


And bought some original art from Nen:


There was plenty more to be tempted by – in particular I wish I’d had more time to browse the t-shirts at Tiizy and I was very tempted by the cat face bags at Quirky Stylin Alternative Threads.

Next time, maybe.

Gold Coast Supernova Costume Parade

On Sunday morning last weekend I noticed a costume parade on the list of events in the Supanova booklet. So I popped out for some Vegemite on toast for breakfast and to take some photos. A lot of work has gone into some of these costumes, and a lot of fun was being had by all.




















Photos from Supanova Gold Coast

I had a blast at Supanova Gold Coast last weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Dymocks stand to say ‘hi’ and have a book signed. It was absolutely lovely weather:


I had no entrants to the Supanova part of the costume competition while I was there, so if you fancy dressing up as one of my characters and visiting me at Melbourne Supanova this coming weekend there’s a good chance you’ll win that uncorrected proof of Thief’s Magic.

Thanks to everyone who has entered the email part of the comp so far – there have been some awesome and creative costumes sent my way.

Here are some pics of people who stopped by the author tables to let us take photos:
This dress is made from book pages.

How could I resist? I love stationary and art supplies!

The resemblance was uncanny.

Excellent taste.

My favourite pirates.

And here are the authors from the Dymocks stand – Scott Baker, Isobelle Carmody, David Cornish, Traci Harding, Michael Pryor and me, (being photo bombed by our lovely assistant):


Win an Uncorrected Proof of Thief’s Magic!

I have two uncorrected proof copies of Thief’s Magic to give away.


(Now, before you read on, please understand that these are uncorrected copies. They don’t have had the last round of proofing applied. If you don’t mind this, then if you win you will get to read the book before everyone else. Well, except those who already have an uncorrected proof, like reviewers, of course.)

Inspired by Supanova (only two weeks until I head for the Gold Coast!) I’ve decided to hold two costume competitions. One for Supanova attendees and one for everyone else. To enter either:

1) Come to Supanova Gold Coast or Melbourne dressed as any character from my books, visit me, pose for a photo, and leave your email address.


2) Email a photo under 300kb of yourself dressed as any character from my books to costumeparade(at)my name(dot)com before April 15th 2014.

I’ll randomly select a winner for each competition.

This isn’t a competition for the best costume, and feel free to have fun with it, but there must be something about your costume that makes it obvious you’re dressed as one of my characters, even if you’re doing, say, a Star Wars take on High Lord Akkarin.

The usual competition caveats: I only have two copies to give away, so there’s no point asking for one once the competition is over. I am immune to begging. Entries require an email address. Postage from Australia is slow, so expect it to take at least a fortnight, maybe more, for it to get to you if you don’t live here. I’d like to post photos of the winning costumes on this blog, but if you don’t want me to just say so – it won’t affect your chances of winning.