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Conventions in Australia

Every year I go to one or two science fiction conventions in Australia. What is a science fiction convention, or ‘con’? Well, it can be different things for different people, so I just googled up a few descriptions and this one seems to sum them up pretty well. The cons I attend are the fan-run ones, and they tend to include literary, media, gaming and comic book ‘streams’ all in the one con. Several states have their own local cons, and each reflects the interests of the locals. Some, for example, have a more literary flavour, some have a lot of members into costuming.

As an author, I usually sit on a few panels, sign books, and sometimes judge a short story or art competition, or launch books. Otherwise I’m just another member of the con, watching panels, attending events and generally hanging about with friends.

The next con I’ll be attending is Conflux 5, running from Friday the 3rd of October to Monday the 6th of October in Canberra. Conflux, which is held every year, tends more towards the literary side of sf than most other cons and attracts lots of local authors. Most publishing companies that have an imprint of science fiction and fantasy are based in Sydney, which is close enough to Canberra that they can easily participate.

For me and my partner it’s an eight hour drive north. It’s a long drive, but we always try to stay in Canberra a little longer so we can catch up with friends. And that usually means I can fit in a signing at a bookshop, too. One hasn’t been arranged so far this time, but I’ll be sure to post details here if it is.

I’ll also post a schedule of panels and events I’ll be participating in, once that information comes my way. So if you’d like to come join in the fun and catch me at one of the con events, then ‘watch this space’.

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  1. Thanks so much! 🙂
    I will definitely have a look at that on google! 🙂

  2. There are conventions in the UK, Lozzie. I can’t give you exact details, but I believe there’s one called Eastercon. Google that, or ‘science fiction conventions in the UK’ and see what comes up.

  3. that sounds so cool ! i wish i could come, i would love to meet you ! do you ever come to new zealand ?

  4. I wish there were things like this in the UK, but there don’t seem to be really. Last year my and my friend attended the bath festival of children’s literature, which was pretty cool, and made cooler still by the awesome fudge shop there, but that is all that I’ve really heard of.
    O well, I shall just have to move to Australia. 🙂