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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Mug Shots

A few weekends ago I finally got around to having a new author photo taken. Looking through the rejects, I can’t help but marvel at the silly expressions on my face. And not always deliberately, either. So I’ve uploaded the best of them, and what it looks like I was (but probably wasn’t) thinking at the time:


 Heh. Author photo. Piece of cake.













 You want me to turn which way?













 Oh. I see. Is that physically possible?













No, I won’t cross my eyes and act like a monkey! 













Why yes, I would like you to Photoshop out my wrinkles. 













Aww. Puddy tat wants to be part of photo. No, you can’t be part of photo, putty tat. 















 Hmph. Always somebody tries to steal the limelight. 













Mmm. It’s nice and warm under these lights. I could really do with a nap… 













No. I’m awake, really. Honest!













We’re done? Great! I could kill for a cup of tea. 














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  1. And I think that the best are those in red sweater, especially this after one with the cat and the last one. And, of course number… 4 😉
    Yeah, lets vote! It’s a brilliant idea!

  2. Now that’s a nice and funny entry. And it purely begs for a VOTE. Does this blog have a vote function? Then create one and find out which photo we would like to have on your book…
    I think the 5th is the best. Even with the pretty bad overexposition (which should be photoshopped) I like it most.
    Closely followed by the 6th, which however would be a bit inappropriate unless the cat is really the one who writes your books. (Pssst I wont tell anyone!)

  3. Heehee, great pictures. 🙂 I hate having mine taken. Love the one where your cat joined in too. 😀

  4. I love your photos and comments. I remember helping my cousin go through all of her proofs looking for the perfect senior picture. Sometimes you just gotta wonder why the photograper even pressed the shutter. Still you’re a tropper, and I can’t wait to see your new picture in the new book 😉

  5. I love the mug shots xD. The comments made me grin. 😀 Its really difficult to get the perfect picture. Especially if your me and have to hide the triple chins. 😀

  6. i love your comments on the photos
    i think you should go with the seventh one or the one with the cat, it’s cool

  7. I just have to say that you must have the patience of a saint for if I had to sit through that many photos I would have stormed out in anger and it would have been hours before anyone would have the courage to find me!!! Lol!!!!
    The photos are great! Love your comments on them!

  8. Don’t worry, whenever I have my photo taken I look like a dragon or similar 🙁

  9. IT’S A KITTEN!!! :}D>
    Go with number 4. ;}P>

  10. Ah the joy of trying to get a perfect picture.
    I presume this new one will be used in the BMT Prequel.