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Filling in the Dance Card

The program for Conflux 5 arrived the other day, so I can now list the events I’ll be taking part in:


Friday October 3rd

9pm – Dreaming Again Launch

Saturday October 4th

4pm – Mass Book Signing

Sunday October 5th

10am – Achieving the Dream panel

11am – Choosing an Overlord panel

4pm – Making the Jump panel


There will be no bookshop signing outside of the con, unfortunately. My on-the-ground organising guru is moving house right now and has enough on her hands. Also, I’ll be flying up now so won’t have a car to get myself to a signing in anyway. I’ll be heading home earlier, too, so I can continue writing The Ambassador’s Mission.

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  1. i wish i could be there !
    i am determined to meet you at least once in my life however
    you fans that are lucky enough to be able to go, enjoy it !

  2. It all looks very exciting!! 🙂
    I hope that you have a really great time! 😀