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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

It’s Here!

Look what arrived the other day:


Yep, my advance copy of The Magician’s Apprentice

Now, as you can see, it’s a trade paperback. I thought the book was coming out in hardback first, but I might be wrong. I might have been told otherwise and forgotten. (It’s been a busy few months.) It might be that some places will get paperback and other hardback.

My publisher has shut down for the holidays so I can’t email to check, so I did what I usually end up doing when I need to find out when one of my books is due out – looked it up on bookshop sites. First I looked up the book on Amazon UK and Amazon US. They list it as hardback, due out Feb 5th and 23rd respectively. But on the Borders site it’s listed as paperback.

Then I looked up some major Aussie bookshop sites:

  • Angus & Robertson – not listed.
  • Borders’ Australian Site – has no search function
  • Dymocks – listed (yay!) as hardback
  • Collins Bookstores – listed, as paperback (jan 09) AND hardback (feb 09) AND audio (feb 09)

That last one was odd. Usually hardbacks come out before paperbacks. Next I went to a few specialty bookstores:

  • Galaxy – both hardback and paperback listed for Feb 09
  • Infinitas – both but no date
  • Minotour – lists it but doesn’t say what binding it is

So I’m afraid I can’t clarify whether the books is going to be paperback or hardback right now. But I do have a trade paperback in my hands. Perhaps Australia is going to be getting paperbacks, while the rest of the world gets hardback first. That would make sense – hardbacks don’t always sell that well here, with our smaller population.

Right now I don’t care, because I finally have the result of over a year and a quarter’s hard work in my hands, and it’s mine, all mine! 

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  1. Sammy – in the UK there will probably be the usual gap between the hardback and paperback release. I’m afraid I don’t know what the date for the paperback is, but my publisher has just created a website ( where they’ll be listing such information – or if not you can ask them.
    If you can’t wait, you could order the paperback from Australia, but bear in mind it’s the large format, not the traditional small paperback size.

  2. Everybody seems to prefer Hardbacks but I prefer Paperbacks.
    I live in the UK and I can’t seem to find a copy of The Magician’s Apprenticein Paperback.
    I’ve tried Waterstones, WHSmith and even Borders.
    If you could PLEASE please tell me the release date in Paperback I would REALLY appreciate it.
    I’ve searched for nearly 1 and a half hours and my ears are ringing since its 1:30am here.
    Is it possible to pre-order in paperback?

  3. and both have it listed only as hardcover, to be released on Feb. 23rd.

  4. I’m really looking forward to the new book! I just finished reading the Black Magicians Trilogy for the third time.
    If it helps, i work in the book industry and when books first come out, they can either be a trade Paperback or a hardback and some are published as both. Very rarely will a book skip either and be published as a small paperback first but it does happen. So its possible the publishers are doing both and that the booksellers or suppliers will choose which they would prefer to sell. We usually sell your books in Hardback here in Ireland, but some sellers may prefer to sell them as trade paper hence the two options turning up on verious sites. 🙂
    And yes, i too love the cover!!
    Go Raibh Mile Maith agat!!!
    Niamh King

  5. I dashed into my local bookstore today to preorder!
    No idea whether it is hardback or paperback,
    i didnt think to ask!
    either way, i reckon its £15 well spent 🙂
    even though it took the poor sales guy 5 tries to find it on the computer, needless to say i was persistent as he told me you didnt exist! the cheek of it!
    Anyway, Happy New Year 🙂 x

  6. I love the cover! I don’t mind if it’s hardback or not, its the story that counts!!!! Still, I can’t wait until February!!!!

  7. I can’t wait! Or perhaps I should say ‘we’ can’t wait, as you’re one of the few authors that my husband really enjoys too.
    Happy New Year Trudi!

  8. 25 more days and it will be in Poland too 🙂
    I agree with Turquise, translation isn’t very good :/
    this will be our cover :

  9. Awesome 🙂
    I hope… Well, it doesn’t matter… But hardback would actually be better because I tend to ruin the backs (ehm sides? whatever you call it) of books when reading… No matter how hard I try to keep it neat ^_^;;
    And @ Sonja … I think it’s not just you 🙂 I get especially annoyed when I have US versions and UK version from the same author, even worse… in the same trilogy. But sometimes I just can’t wait (and end up ordering from Australia at times *grin*)
    But yes, awesome! Can’t wait~

  10. Yay! I can’t wait!
    Just checked waterstones in the UK and it says hardback, and I always trust them. 🙂 Makes me happy, hardbacks give far more pleasure to read I find. 😀
    I’m not planning on preordering it like other people, I’m going to go in and buy it on the day it comes out, I prefer the feeling of buying a book.
    Very,very excited, only 36 days to go!

  11. I love the cover! Do you like it? I am glad it all payed off for you!

  12. Yay!
    The austrian/german amazon has it listed as hardback due out on February 5th and a second time (also hardback) with 23rd.
    So I preorded hardback – an accomplishment for me, because I own all your other books as paperback and I’ve got this obsession that books from the same author have to fit (which means for me: same publisher, same style of cover art and all hardback or paperback)… I know this is strange… but its’s me. So when I buy different versions from the same author due to publication dates it means I really can’t wait a second longer to read the book in question (i.e. The Magician’s Apprentice) 😉
    So bring on February!
    All the best for 2009,

  13. Hello 🙂
    Sorry if this comment is a little irrelevant but I was wondering with the release date coming up if you had any plans to attend events or signings in the UK?
    All the best,

  14. I have just checked – in Poland it will be also paperback. But for me it doesn’t matter, I just want to read it… Unfortunately Polish translator isn’t very good and I’m thinking about reading The Magician’s Apprientice in original. Anyway, I can’t wait to get it and read it and I must wait so long yet… 😉

  15. I realllly wish you hadn’t shown us that; it’s going to seem like a long wait now 😛

  16. I seem to remember reading an article not that long ago suggesting that hardbacks were on their way out, due to their expense and the fact that one or two famous book clubs (including Richard & Judy over in the UK) won’t review books unless they are already out in paperback. Given that featuring on those programmes often boosts sales by at least one order of magnitude, I wouldn’t be surprised if publishers started using both covers simultaneously, or even scrapping paperbacks altogether.

  17. Looking good! I’ve placed my preorder with Amazon UK where they’re currently charging £9.89 for the hardback, and saying the fifth of February 2009.
    Not sure what I’m going to do during January now. Re-read Age of the Five, I suppose.