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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Cons and Colds

Contact (Swancon) was the best con ever! People were so friendly and enthusiastic. The committee were helpful, organised and their cheerfulness was infectious. My fellow guests were insightful and fun. And my minders (who I called minions), Sandra and Wing, were fabulous – both a delight to hang out with and ready to spring into action if I needed them.

Unfortunately Paul and I brought home Richard Morgan’s cold. (Okay, there were other people there with colds that we could have caught it from, but we’re blaming Richard.) So Paul hasn’t downloaded any pics and I haven’t been up to writing blog posts. Hopefully I’ll be able to put something up here soon.

In the meantime I’ll be concentrating on getting better so I can get stuck into finishing The Ambassador’s Mission. I didn’t manage to get the first draft done before Swancon because of a very different flu that was going around, but I only have about eight or so chapters left to write. (I guess I should be grateful that, what with all the travelling I’ve been doing, I’ve only had two bouts of cold/flu so far this year.)

There’s another convention coming up soon: Conjecture in Adelaide. And then another event coming up in the second half of the year… but the international flights and hotels aren’t booked yet so I’ll have to save that announcement for another time.

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  1. hey please get well soon and good luck to writing the Ambassador;s Mission!(:

  2. Sounds like you had fun well i hope you finish the first draft soon, I know it will be great.
    I was reading your file on wikipedia and saw the title for the third book, and right then I just got it! I now understand that plot point in your prequel, cant wait to see how it turned out. (hope this comment is spoiler-proof)

  3. :O oh im exited. flights, hotels? cant wait for that anouncement. Good luck writing the Ambassadors mission and hopefully you dont have to redraft it too many times.
    I was wondering are you going yo put a pinboard up of the magicians apprentice like with your other novels or is it too similar to the BMT for it to make much difference.
    Anyway good luck and have fun writing 🙂

  4. You’re welcome. We’re really pleased that both you and Paul enjoyed yourself in and out of the con. Next time you are in Perth, give us a call and we’ll show you around other parts. The food at Tsunami is a real treat, especially the sashimi! Also hope to see you at Swancon 2010 and Aussiecon too. Be well and hope Paul gets over his cold real soon.
    All the best with the writing. I am looking forward to reading your books that we got. Its great to see an Aussie do really well internationally – Congrats!

  5. International flights and hotels? Now I’m curious!
    Hope you get better soon!