Trudi Canavan

bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Perth Bookstore Tour

Today I was taken around to sign stock and meet booksellers in Perth by Todd, one of the local accounts manager. First stop Dymocks Garden City:

Where Justin brought out a nice big stack of books for me to sign while he and I talked writing and good characters. Then a trip into the city followed, to Borders.
Where Stefen Super SF Seller recommended some good books while I signed mine. Next up was Dymocks Perth:
Where the lovely Tyne posed for a photo with me. And then we scooted off to Planet Bookshop in Mount Lawley, which is an amazing shop with a vast range and (my favourite) couches or cafe seats so you can sit and relax.
Where I got a shot of Paul, my partner, and the very friendly and insightful Todd. Here we signed more stock…
And Robin and I had a fascinating chat about fantasy publishing in Australia. After a lovely lunch with another Robin (this time an accounts manager) we headed back to the city to White Dwarf Books. 
Where I hung out, laughed and had a really fun time with Peter the Wonder Goth, Sha, Tanya and Tim. We dragged ourselves away to our final destination:
Fantastic Planet and a cuppa and Tim Tam thanks to the lovely Elaine. 

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  1. Who really want to read the translation when he or she is able to read the original version? Trudi’s books where the first ones I read in English and my English really improved because of them. When I was in a bookstore I found the German translation and started reading somewhere in the middle. for me, this sounded just really really wrong. Didn’t like it.
    READ THE ORGINAL!!It’s much better anyway…

  2. I think it’s great that you’re touring so many bookstores and I’d love to live nearer to Australia to see you live sometime… :sigh:

    I just found out, that amazon already has the german translation of The Magician’s Apprentice listed:
    It’s supposed to be out on May, 18th, has a different cover than the original and is called ‘Magie (Magic)’.

  3. you look like you had a really good time! if only they have your signed books down here as well. oh well, your book cost too expensive here so my parents did not allow me to buy it…anyway, good luck with everything else!

  4. Darn! (That’s not the first thing I said when I read this post) How did I miss this? Dymocks used to send me notifications of when they’d have authors in-store. I can’t believe I missed you, Trudi!