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Oh boy. The last few weeks have been a blur. We’ve been to seven airports (some multiple times), taken seven flights and explored three cities. We’ve strolled on tropical beaches, seen what happens when hot liquid magma and sea water meet, got stranded in Dallas airport when a man with a fake bomb caused our ongoing flight to be cancelled, walked on streets that felt like movie sets in New York, brainstormed with publishers, met famous authors and been to countless parties. All in only two weeks.

Internet access hasn’t been as attainable as I’d hoped, and neither has time for blogging. I’m squeezing this post in before bed. I wanted to share some photos we took at the US Orbit office. Here I’m being prepped for a video interview:


I’ve never been interviewed on video before, so I was both excited and a little nervous. But the recording team were very encouraging and helpful. It’s not something you get to practise for, so I was surprised then they did just one take. But I know they’ll cut and arrange things cleverly for the final clip, which for now will be used for internal (non public) publicity but may end up on the Orbit web site. (I’ll post a link if it does.) Here’s the team:



Penelope, Jack, me, Oscar, Sam and Brad. (apologies if I got any of those names wrong!)

Jack was the interviewer and escorted me to the studio and introduced us to the Orbit publishing team. Some exciting ideas were discussed for this website, so you might see some changes in the future. Here’s me and Jack, with Tim – who I first met in the UK in 2005 and is now head honcho of the US office.


It’s always great to meet the people who turn your stories into books, package them up so beautifully and deliver them to the world.


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