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Zooming Along

Is what time is doing. And us. We’re currently exploring Atlantic Canada with friends, in a hire car. Worldcon was great. We didn’t manage to extract a non-broken internet cable from the hotel until the con was half over, but there was so little spare time to spend using it that I only managed to check my emails and bank account each day before being swept up in the fun again.

After the con we left Montreal for Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It is very pretty, but unfortunately not a great time of year to be travelling here as it’s very hazy, which doesn’t make for good photography. It’s also unpleasantly hot. Not as hot as it gets in Melbourne in summer, but much more humid. Still, it’s lovely from the airconditioned comfort of the car!

We’ve seen deer, porcupines, squirrels, bear cubs, and lots of seals. I’d love to come back another time – and see other parts of Canada as well. Perhaps do a train journey. Hmmm.

Internet access has been available here and there, but with four people using it I’m still mostly checking email and my bank account, so I’ve given up on regular blog posting. Mobile coverage has been almost non-existant. I’m mentioning this because someone has been trying to call me, and for various reasons I can’t call them back, so maybe they’ll read this and realise why I haven’t returned their call – and that they should email me.

Well, looks like we’re packing up ready for the next leg of our journey. Gotta go!

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  1. I saw you at Anticipation, but I was too scared to speak to you (and you seemed to be pretty busy). It was lovely to see you in person though, and i’m glad you liked Canada 🙂