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Continuum 6: Future Tense

I’ll be at Continuum 6 this weekend, in Melbourne. I love these smaller, local cons for their cosy atmosphere. It’s much easier to get to meet the guests, for a start, and catch up with all my friends.

I’m on only one panel this time:

Sunday, 2pm:


Meet the new crafters and makers. What can

you do with a few materials? Why would you

do it? Why “But I’m not creative!” is not an

excuse. Be inspired by the creativity of other


Which is an entirely new kind of panel for me, but I’m really looking forward to it for exactly that reason. And it’s amazing how many readers of sf are also knitters, or crocheters, or tatters, or sewers…

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  1. Oh, I forgot one question! I´m so sorry to invade your blog with these posts!
    Does your agent has someone she could recommend? I bother you with these things because I too am a female fantasy writer, and it´s good to know paths similar (although never equal) to the one I wish my work to follow.
    Thankyou very much once again!

  2. Thanks Trudi!

  3. Hi Kiara! My agent is semi-retired, as in while she still manages a few clients she is not taking on any more.

  4. Hi Trudy, I must first say you are an inspiration to all fantasy writers.
    Second,I was wondering who is your agent; I looked everywhere on your page. I´ve been doing agent research and am aiming to find agents that work with fantasy and come from my favourite authors.