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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Free Signed Copy of The Ambassador’s Mission!

To celebrate my new shiny website, I’m holding up a signed brand spanking new copy of The Ambassador’s Mission, first book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy, and yelling “WHO WANTS A COPY?”.

(Well, I will be once they arrive – which will be any day now. Me spinning with anticipation? Never!)

What do you have to do to in order to claim a signed copy of The Ambassador’s Mission for yourself? Just leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite part of my shiny new website is, and why.

Yep, I’ll post it anywhere in the world. Don’t leave your address in the comments, of course. I’ll email you to find our your details.

The competition ends 1st May 2010.

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  1. Hello Trudi!
    My name is Sara and I come from Poland. In my country, you are very appreciated author of fantasy. Not without reason, because your books are great.
    My favorite chapter is “The books.” I have to admit that you draw beautifully and you have a great imagination. I like to read (although in English) about your books or watch your sketches. Then it seems to me to be more realistic and attainable, although you live so far.
    Now I think about the rod,, Age of the Five”, “so if I had to choose, it is considered it would be my favorite trilogy of your authorship.
    My favorite characters are: Akkarin, Mirar and Gemini.
    My second favourite chapter is “About Trudi.” The only thing I changed is it would add more about you. What is there to say you’re a very interesting person and I want to know as much about you.
    Your website is beautiful. And the color! Wonderful …
    Although this competition is involved so many people, however I hope that I can win,, Ambassador of the Mission. ”
    I’m sorry that I wrote so little, but English is not my native language and I had to try to be very properly arrange these few sentences.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi,
    Just would like to say how much your books mean to me. It’s so nice to sit and read them.
    Well, the website is nice because it’s just fresh. The look is nice.
    And there is your picture which is non-formal. I like it, too.
    Many greetings.
    And I would like to thank my friend who told me about your website (thank you :))

  3. Hi!

    I think your new website is really nice. I tried hard to find anything to find what I did not like and at the end, there were just minor things.
    For example, I prefer when websites have pages instead of scrolling down and down and down again…

    What I have to mention I love is your honest comments and advise that you are giving and I completely understand that you have a tight time management.

    Moreover, I like that the website has all recent news.

    There is maybe the suggestion that you could put in some sample Chapters of the other books you have written. Maybe somebody gets interested?

    I am still counting the days until the Ambassador’s Mission will be published ( I hope in a few days!)

    Thank you very much for the books you have written, although my mother had to lock them, because I just didn’t stop reading!


  4. Hi Trudi,

    I didn’t know you have a new webside till I went on it. I have just wating for The Ambassador’s Mission (the polish translation) but I’d have to wait till June. So I decided to read it in english. That’d be faster. I looked everywhere, but there was no note when it was or will be published. It really suprised me. The first thing I noticed on your new webside was the pubication date: Mai 2010. It was a great relief. Your webside is well-organised and is easy to read and understand (for a foreigner). This , the recommended reading (10 Fantasy Favourites helps to get to know some good fantasy books) and the colour (purple rules ) are the three things I love in your new webside.

    I wish you good luck with new ideas and much time to write new novels.

    Monika S.

  5. I love this website. It is easy to navigate and it is in one of my favorite colors. I don’t know how the previous one looked, but I like this one. I came to this site after reading the final installment of the Black Magician trilogy from my library.

    My favorite part of this website however, is your story. I was recently doing a course and I was struggling. I couldn’t handle it so I quit, but after reading your reading your story, I decided to give it another try. I just finished applying to complete my course, and this time I will stick it out. Like you did.

    I just wanted to tell you thank you.

  6. Hi Trudi!!

    I’m addicted to your books, they are amazing! Every single one of them!
    It’s 11.50 where I am on April 30th so hopefully I can type fast enough to make the competition deadline.

    The part of your website I love the most is the colour purple, it is an uplifiting and creative colour, you can never go wrong with a little bit of purple in your life (and a lot of purple makes life all the better :P). Also, how can anyone forget that purple is a royal colour making the website all the more regal.

    I am counting the days until your next book comes out.

    Take care!!

  7. Hello!
    I am a fan of your books from Singapore (:
    Im really looking foward to reading The Ambassador’s Mission when it comes out,
    but even better if its a signed copy!

    My favourite part of your new website (Im not sure if its counted as a part, but i dont mind trying!) is that it somehow links with your upcoming book, The Ambassador’s Mission. What is the link? The magician on the front cover is wearing something purple-ish which is the main theme/colour of your new website! And why isit my favourite? Cause it makes me happier to be reminded that the book is coming out soon! YAY 😀

    Yeah and don’t worry, even if you don’t give me the autographed copy, i will still support your books! I have every book of yours and even if i were to dislike you (which is impossible), i would still buy your upcoming books cause its just too addictive.

    I dont know if i said too much… oh anyway, sorry i was lazy and so didnt read lots of other comments for this post and im sorry if this is the same favourite part as many other people!

    With lots of love,
    Eunice Pui
    A fan of your books

    P.S.: I cannot say that im a fan of you cause i dont how you are, thats why i say im a fan of your books. Hahah if this offends you, im really sorry!

  8. I google your site every week to see if there is any new news on the progress on ‘The Ambassadors Mission’ and nearly broke down into tears of grief when I couldn’t find my usual haunt of the old site 🙁 so i was jumping for joy when I tracked down this little beauty!

    I have to say it is so great you now have a website that reflects your books! Easy to access and a complete joy to partake in (but so was your other website but it didn’t have this AWESOME! colour scheme) As with your old site, I love that you suggests book that your readers may be interested in its actually quite refreshing, most site just state the publication date for upcoming books or ram down the fact that there are other books the author has done, you alternative has given me hours of pleasure reading ! So thank you for that! And thank you so much for your books that opened a whole new genre for me and then expanding it some.

    I think I will sign off there before I start writing an essay on how much I love your work!

    Oooo and please bring back your artwork it was so great having visual aids to refer to when reading!

    Roll on 6th May!

    Your fan,

    Stacey Turner, UK

  9. hi, trudy
    It this very glad can know you…. you web is beautifull…like you all books…. hope can read the next chapter from the ambassador’s mission…..

  10. Since purple is my favorite color I really love your color scheme. It is so neat, fresh looking and uncluttered. Now I can find whatever I am looking for and I found the tweet button immediately. I see you use lavender on twitter. I love it.

    I would love to win a book about magicians and thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  11. The suggested reading list! Completely brilliant- and it gave me other things whilst I wait in anticipation for The Ambassadors Mission! But honestly, the best part is the advice. It’s great to get tips from an author who’s already been through the whole trying-to-get-published scenario, and how to write a good book. That’s more valuable to me than anything especially as I’d really love to be able to write as well as Trudi.

  12. p.s. can’t wait for the storm of angels book! sounds like a good one!

  13. Hello there!
    I have been waiting for your website to be updated for a while now and I must say it was worth the wait! It has all the old one did but more. I have to say that I love your writing and I’m constantly looking on the Waterstones website to check when your new book is coming out as its been on my wishlist for probably many months now. I’m not sure I can even wait a week for it!

    My favourite thing about your new website are the little details, the logo that comes up on the internet tab and the little designs on the right side and inbetween things. It reminds me of the covers of your Magician books which I really like the design of as you can just run your fingers over them and instantly know which book you hold.

    Thank you for your words


  14. What a nice surprise! I wasn’t even expecting a new shiny website, but was very pleased to find one. I am a fan of your books and have read and love both The Black Magician’s Trilogy and The Age of the Five Trilogy. I just started reading The Magician’s Apprentice yesterday and realized I couldn’t remember the maps from The Black Magician’s Trilogy, and even though the maps are present in this book, it is very difficult to see it when reading it from B&N’s Nook. So with fingers crossed I decided to see if I could find them on your website. Well not only did I find them, I found them in a a matter of seconds. So I would have to say my favorite part of your new shiny website has got to be how comprehensive and well constructed it is. I have taken time to look around and have had to problems navigating right to where I want to go. Great job!

    Your extremely happy fan,


  15. Hey.
    Love the website. A week (or two) ago i picked up the magicians guild after looking at it everytime i went into a book store. I loved it so bought the next two in the triliogy. After i finished them i really wanted to read more so decided to find your website and check what else you had wrote.

    I found the website very interesting (especially since i wanted to find more books by you). I find the website easy to navegate and understand. I did a course after school about website design and i can tell you that it is excellently made. Not usually a fan of purple but i feel this website has pulled it off splendidly.

    I really enjoyed reading the writing tips section as i sometimes write in my free time (when im not reading ofcourse). Thanks for making the website

    Good luck with future novels and novellas.

  16. Dear Trudi,

    I have to admit that I was very fond of your old site — it had a certain personality to it — and so, I was a bit leery about your shiny new website at first. I needn’t have been so worried. I have really enjoyed exploring the new site — it is certainly very easy to navigate (which is a nice change from some of the websites I’ve been on recently) and I have been pleased to see that while much of the original content remains pretty much the same (albeit rearranged and edited slightly in places) that other parts have been completely updated and new sections added.

    In terms of completely new parts I particularly appreciate the “Report a Typo” section. I have read and reread all your books many times and while I now have a few typos I’m quite attached to, it is still obviously better for the words to be the ones you intended to write down as working out the correct word can distract readers from the events in the section they’re reading. I certainly plan on contributing my part there (eventually) although I may look at some newer editions beforehand to make sure the ones I mention haven’t already been corrected.

    I was intrigued to read the updated “Future Worlds” section — it was great to see more details about that — and I look forward to meeting a completely new world and set of characters from you again. I hope you continue to have the time to keep us updated as those projects progress.

    What I loved about your old site was the sense of personality, not just of the site itself but more importantly of you through your comments and (to a lesser extent) artwork. So I think my favourite part (if it can really be called a “part”) of this new website is that the sense of your personality is as strong as ever and the entries on the site and also from your Twitter feed really allow as sense of you as a person and how this relates to the author whose books I (and everyone else posting here) love so much. I know it is this that will draw me back for repeat visits because although I may still be more attached to the old site, I certainly like the new site a lot and quite simply it is more fun reading the updates in your own words instead of just seeing a publication date and a cover on Amazon.

    So briefly, thank you very much for all the great times I’ve had reading your books. I look forward to reading The Ambassador’s Mission and the rest of the Traitor Spy Trilogy and seeing how accurate my theories turn out to be.
    Thanks ,

    Sarah B.

    P.S. Sorry the comment turned out to be so long — I meant to keep it brief I swear.

  17. I like the header it is so “magician”-feel!

  18. I love the new look website – its crisp and clean and very easy to navigate.

    My favourite bit is actually ‘My Story’, I always like a little information on the author especially if i like the work too. I’m sure your readers and fans are grateful that you can share this piece of information and really enjoyed learning about how your writing career took off on the path it did.

    So I look forward to reading more of your work and wish that your pen never dries up and that not only us readers continue to have enjoyement from it, but that you do as well.

    Best wishes and happy scribbling.


  19. Hello Trudi,
    I must admit that your new website looks brilliant. I visited your previous website several times, just to find some pieces of information about your current work. I must confess, the new website looks much better than the previous one. It is much easier to find what we are looking for, and everything is organized in such a simple way. What is most striking is, of course, colour. Purple is beautiful, so intensive, full of magic and mystery. But what I personally like the most is your picture, it’s brilliant. It has something (it’s very difficult to say what it is, but I like it :)).
    I must say that I am a great fan of your books. When I read The Black Magician Trilogy, I thought ‘this couldn’t be the end of the story… the ending is open … there must be something more …’ Now, a year after, I discovered that your new book, a continuation of Sonea’s story, appears in May (in June in Poland). Thank you for that.
    P.S. Sorry for my English, I know it’s not perfect, but I hope that you haven’t any problem with understanding my thoughts …
    Mariola 🙂

  20. Hi!!

    I would like to let you know that I can’t wait to start reading the first book of the Traitor Spy Trilogy. I’ve been waiting for this sequel for so long and cannot wait to start reading it once it is out.

    To the main topic, what I really like about this new website is that it is much easier to navigate through than the previous layout. I like the fact that your blog entries are in the front page which makes it more interactive than the previous layout. There is more room for interaction between readers and you which is lovely. Also, purple is a great colour for the theme of your website. It is a warm colour and not hurtful to the eyes which makes it easier to read and browse. It also creates a sense of mystery which I think relates to the world of magic, especially with the use of symbols and the cover picture for The Ambassador’s Mission. Everything just blend in well with each other and most importantly, this website is user friendly and easy to navigate.

    PS: All the best to you and continue to write amazing stories for us readers!!

  21. Hi,

    Absolutely love your books and can’t wait to read The Ambassador’s Mission!
    I love your new website especially the colour theme and how it matches with that of your latest books. I also love the extras section where you have given recommended reading. I always think this is a great way to get new ideas for books to read 🙂

    Thanks for so many enjoyable books!

  22. Unbelievable to see so may reactions… How are you going to choose?

    For me, the recommended reading lists under extras are the highlight of the website. While there is not much personal about you on this site, getting an idea of how you engulf yourself into fantasy. Good fantasy writers reads good fantasy novels… or do I have it the wrong way around?

    Hope to see more of Trudi Canavan on this website soon!

    Kind Regards,


  23. I love the new website, it just feels fantasy and I love the parchment background against a purple that is so deep I could swim in it. Gold curly text is a kind of pure beauty I appreciate – gold and purple belong together, I wish I could use them everyday in everything I type at work (I don’t think the surveying and property industry are ready for it just yet!) It looks pretty, feels special and is easy to use. But gorgeous colours aside, most of all I appreciate you sharing your very helpful tips for writers, and that it took 7.5 years to get published. That kind of information boosts aspiring writers that might be trying hard to convince themselves not to give up more than you could know. So thanks, for inspiration, advice and books that provide world I want to live in, and I can now slip into any time I want.

    You rock


  24. Hello Trudi,

    Like everyone else, I cannot wait for your new book to come out as I absolutely loved the Black Magician trilogy.

    Regarding your new website, I feel the revamp worked very well. The colour scheme and style is pleasing, modern, recalls the style of your books (am in the UK), and most importantly legible. The usability seems fine as you can change the size of the text. The navigation is logical and easy, and the search engine works (you’d be surprised how many don’t). The ‘Recent Tweets’ on the left side is a good addition but I’m not too sure about the ‘Recent Comments’ and ‘Categories’. They feel more like fillers somehow… In all, it does make it a nicer experience to use your website and find out about yourself and your great books.

    All the best


  25. I just like the colour scheme to be honest.
    Much better than the old one 🙂

  26. What is my favourite thing about the website? Purple. Surely the colour of magic??

  27. I love the purple and gold combo you have there – extra with the coordinated jumper on your profile picture! Also, I am very pleased to see the Top 10 Australian authors list, most of which don’t see as much advertisement as the big American names. I will have to check a few of them out! Looking forward to your new book coming out, will be glad to see more Sonea!

  28. I love that the website is totally written by Trudy herself. Any fan (of which I’m definately one) comes to the site because they love her writing and it’s a total treat to get blogs, tweets, her list of top 10 books, all written in her humerous, down to earth writing that totally draws you in. This website has made it to my favorites (and I only have 6) so I can find it again easily and read everthing, as I don’t have the time in one sitting. It’s a bit of a joke because I managed to read the High Lord in 4 days – but I did that in bed mostly and in Joburg, South Africa, it’s c-c-c-cold at the moment. So reading a book in bed – yes. Sitting at the pc – not so much. I’m also very excited to read the first chapter of the next trilogy in the series. This is my second best thing about the website. The site is just a treat for fans. Yum yum. Love to Trudy and my fellow fans 🙂

  29. Trudie,

    I happened across your books by pure happenstance. I went into my school library and saw two books side by side. Every time I went to the library I saw the titles. Finally, about two days ago, I snagged them up and checked them out. They were The Magician’s Guild, and The Novice. It took me only about 8 hours to read the first (Silly interruptions!) And less than that to read the second. I was so entranced! It gave me a feeling of anticipation and giddiness to read them.

    The libraries didn’t have the third, so I looked for it online. I managed to find the first 7 excerpts, one here, and another on amazon or some site like that. I had to find the book!

    Today I was jumping around and antsy, so I went to the book store and wandered around, trying to find The High Lord. I asked the woman in the store, and she went to the shelf… Scanned… “Hm.. I can’t find it.” She said.. Then her hand stopped and pulled it out and both of us started laughing. It was very amusing, and once in the car I couldn’t stop reading. Only a half hour ago I finished the book, and while sad, was oddly elated that I finished. It had a sad ending, but a hopeful one too! So I came here in search of a sequel, and lo-and-behold, I did!

    I’m quite excited, and am going to try and find the first of the second trilogy in the store, and maybe sometime find the Ambassador’s Mission!

    Your books are fabulous, and your site is both gorgeous and easily navigated. That you have excerpts is something that will probably drive me to madness when I search for your books on the bookshelves.

    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful books, which will be with me for a long, long while!

    Yours Most Sincerely,


    (P.S. I love the art on your pages!)

  30. My favorite parts are your story advice, because I like story advice, and your about the books page, because they have extracts of upcoming books. [personal info deleted]

    I am, incidentally, chuffed that you answered my fanmail years ago.

  31. My favorite thing about the new website is the fact that you now can write on it like it is a blog. It makes it more personal, and then you also know when something new has been added.
    And then it is purple, I love purple.

  32. Hi Trudi!
    First of all, I LOVE your new website! It’s updated! I always used to check the website for the lastest stuff on your books and last time I did it was talking about how ‘The Magicians Apprentice’ was coming out soon, I was always like whaatttt??? Because it had already been released!
    Second…… I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! The Black Magician trilogy was the first one I read and I was SO hooked after that! The Age of the Five was sooooo good to!!
    The reason I actually started reading them is because my dad wanted to get me something with our last name, and when he typed ‘Canavan’ into google your what came up! Haha its so funny though because I would always read at school and people would see the author and ask if my mom wrote it. I thought it was really cool though. I’ve never know anyone with my same last name before!!
    So, yea. I’m SOO excited for this next book. Its going to be AMAZING!! I actually really want to become an author. I’ve got all these ideas in my head for stories.
    Anyway, I hope you pick me!! That would be so cool! Can’t WAIT for the next book!!
    ~C. Canavan

  33. I love all the colors!!!! I love the font used for the main font, and I really love the title font on the home page!!! the little symbols and the cover art everywhere is really cool too. you shiny new website is so much easier to navigate through as well, and its really handy with the tweets update on the side. but my favorite part is how it gives u a little sample from your books, it made me sooooo excited to read Ambassadors Mission!!!! I cant wait for it to come out!!!

    I love you and your books!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  34. I like that it’s flashy, without using flash. All the iphone/pod/pad users out there will be blessing you. 🙂

  35. Hi there, i have had The Ambassador’s Mission on pre order for what feels like years!! I cant wait, i loved the Black Magician trilogy and the Magicians Apprentice. I am not particularly pc literate but your website looks great and is easy to navigate (even for me). its great to be able to see what your workin on and your thoughts and its lovely you want to take time out to share them with us fans x

    All the best
    Victoria (uk fan)

    P.S I was just wondering if you had any plans on working with Yelena again??i loved those books and although storm glass and sea glass gave us another taste I miss Yelena. [Erm… I think you’re thinking of someone else’s books! – Trudi]

  36. Hi Trudi!

    The new website revolves around the Magician Trilogy and upcoming Traitor Spy Trilogy, on an advertising and professional note its brilliant to remind any returning visitor that all of us have a brand new storyline to immerse ourselves into in a world im sure all your readers adore. It also peaks a brilliant interest into the series for any new visitors that come along to the flashy new site, one of my friends recently sat near me got hooked in by its appearance and accessible information.

    On a more personal level as other people have said its definately eye catching, the interface has remained simple to use clearly categorising your own views, advice and novel information.

    I feel it unnessessary to divulge my own love for your writing, worlds, characters and inticate storylines (even though i think i subliminally just did!) but would like to congratulate you on the completion and upcoming publication of a new trilogy set in an immensly colourful and brilliant world.

    All the best,
    A BIG fan from the U.K


  37. Hello !

    First of all im sorry about my english i know its not best but i hope You will understand what i want to say 🙂

    Like all here i think im a big fan too and of course i readed all Your books 🙂 At this moment im waiting for more to again go back to adventure and read new trilogy in bus, bath, bed, car, park i hope not in job cause i can loose it 🙂

    You ask people what they like in Your new website definetly not a site and look are most important but what is inside. I never looked what site look like cause i was all in reading about You and Your passion .

    Anyway what can i say about new site hmmm… definetly first new thing that i saw was violet color 🙂 And if i must choose did I ? I will choose just this simple thing violet color its making this side like magic aura of course its remind me about priests and confessors but didnt they belive in some kind of magic ?

    Anyway i wish You all good things not beacause You writing a beautiful stories but beacause You must have a really big heart and soul.

    Best wishes,
    David from Poland

  38. After reading the magicians apprentice, I quickly read all your available books because they were so intriguing to me, both trilogy’s are really entertaining and thats why its been hard to wait almost 4 years for your new trilogy to began

    I have to say that the website designers have really done an amazing job, I thought your first website was well designed but, this just looks very clean and polished, I especially like the contrast between gold and purple, it really is well suited. I also think that you really seem to care about how appealing the website is, because the picture your using to represent yourself on your, About Trudi page, and various other pages as well, has you in a purple jumper, very similar to your website background, which adds a good level of professionalism, to the whole set up of your new website. I also find it great that being a fantasy book writer yourself you are able to recommend the best books you’ve read in the genre, I’ve read a few of your selected favourites and I have to say that your books are still the most appealing to me.

    so regardless of weather I somehow win this competition or not, I shall definitely be purchasing your book when it comes out in May. Furthermore I believe its going to be a fantastic book and I wish you all the luck with this release and with any future books also.

  39. I first like to say that I’ve got all your other books and would love a signed copy of The Ambassadors Mission to my collection. Your website is great my favorite part of your website is being able to preview and read a substantial amount of your forthcomming books. Its easy to navigate and I like your sketches and ideas on how you developed your masterpieces. The website is classy and I love the colour too so really I’ve got to say It’s all great. I look forward to many more books in the future so keep up the good work.

    Best wishes
    Adrian Bush

    P.s. My wife has even started reading The Black Magician rilogy (normally a Stephen King & Dean Koontz fan) and she loves it.

  40. Wow what i suprise looking at your new website! Firstly purple, LOVE IT. I normally log onto your website every cuple of months with fingers crossed as i type your name into the search bar eagerly anticipating whether there will be more news on Sonea, Auraya or anything else that might be in the pipe line, and today BOOM i got my wish!

    It’s great to read a bit more on the ‘millenium’s rule’ books cant wait for those. Also, its great how we can comment on your posts and see that other people are just as obsessed or a little bit more (though I doubt it) with your works as i am.

    Well thats enough of my sucking up to try and get a signed copy (Crosses fingers & toes). I wish you every sucess with this book as you’ve had with the rest and I can’t wait for it to arrive here in England in just over a weeks time (EEEEE!!).

    I’ll keep checking for more info on the rogue!!.

    Best of luck once again,

    Sunny Manchester, England, Uk.

  41. Hey Trudi!

    Most importantly, it’s easy to navigate!!!

    I adore the new colour scheme on the website, magical, mystical, royal and the contrast makes it bold and easy to read! I also love the extras and about writing (as on the old site). They’re great ways for your fans to feel like they can connect and explore their passions with you, while learning and enjoying new experiences.

    I can’t wait for The Ambassador’s Mission! I remember emailing you years ago asking whether you meant to leave room for a sequel to The Black Magician Triology, you (very kindly) replied confirming, but were concentrating on The Age of Five books. I can’t believe the time has finally come for this long awaited sequel.

    In anticipation, appreciation and adoration!


  42. Hi,
    The site is really nice. But being really practical, what I like most about the new website is the fact that the blog is on the front page. I often visit the site in order to get information on when to expect a new amazing book to read, this way it is way more comfortable.
    So thanks, a lot 🙂

  43. I love the magic symbols on the logo at the top the most, this was the first thing I noticed browsing on my phone while laying in bed.
    I could not sleep because I was wondering what the second book of “Age of the five” was again (“Last of the wilds” of coarse).
    A quick google on my phone kept me from having to get out of bed to walk upstairs to my bookshelf in the study to find out what it was so that I can sleep again.

    I’ve read your two trilogies and can’t wait for more kyralian adventures – please send me a copy of the new one!

  44. The BMT is Best set of books ive read. You have converted me into a reader.

    Best bit about the site is reading your background story and how you came to write the BMT.
    O and the magician in the top right hand corner of the site.



  45. Hi Trudi,

    I love the purple theme of the new web site. It is attractive and consistently applied through all elements of the page. Even you photo shows you wearing purple! You clearly love the colour. And it fits in with the colour of the robe on the cover of your new book – was that a co-incidence? 😉

    All the best.

    Clayton Powell

  46. Hi.
    I like the new website – it’s easy to navigate, also looks nice.
    I am also excited about ” The Ambassador’s Mission” – first book in the new Traitor Spy Trilogy – this is a good change in your homepage.
    Best wishes

  47. Hello Trudi!

    What do I like about your new website?

    Well, it’s easy to navigate through, with all its links, links, and more links. It makes the entire thing easier to read, and easier to find what you were reading about four pages ago.

    Also, I love the new bits of information in here, like the “About Writing” tab. Your story especially shows me where I can get to if I try hard enough.

    And, last but not least, the site is purple. A lovely colour choice, one that I have to commend you on.

    I’m a huge fan of the Black Magician trilogy and I hope that you never stop writing.
    Good luck with everything in the future.


  48. Naturally one of my favourite parts of the new website has to be the very first extract of Ambassadors mission.
    But my favourite part of the shiny new website, has to be the fact that the picture of you on the home page, matches the theme of the wesite perfectly, I am a big lover of the small details and this tiny little detail makes me smile.

    Haley x

  49. Hi Trudy!

    No kidding here but merely pure honesty that I REALLY LOVE your Black Magician Trilogy and now in my country they recently published your Priestess of the White and I proceeds in reading it immediately (can’t wait to do that) then about your new site, just one word: warm.

    It’s purple! I love purple, but not only that, the color combination as purple for its background just give balance with other colors and everything just not redundant. The color choice fit the contents. Everything had been put in order but still give what we called “simple appearance.”

    In other word, we could easily find what we looking for since everything had been put in order in such a simple way and without feared the site’s color and decorations would hurting our eyes.

    Love from Indonesian reader,