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And the Winner Is…


Congratulations Neha. Send me your address details and I’ll sign a book and send it your way.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and wrote such lovely things about my new website. It’s been every interesting and insightful to see which features people liked. A lot of people like purple! (To answer an often-asked question, the photo came before the website. I don’t know if the designers chose the colour because of the photo, but the previous site was also purple so maybe that influenced their decision.)

Choosing a winner was not easy. I wanted to have a winner selected last Saturday, but I realised that spammers had been copying earlier comments and reposting them. At first I didn’t think that was a problem; I’d just choose a comment I liked and just check that it wasn’t a spam one. But once I started rereading the comments I realised I couldn’t choose. The comments were so lovely, I wanted to give books to everyone.

So it would have to be a randomly chosen comment. That meant that, to be fair, I had to cull the copycat spam. This led to me spending all of Monday and most of Tuesday morning copying and pasting a few words from every comment into the comment search function, one by one, to see if any had been replicated. All 265 of them. After I’d culled the spam out, I then found a random number generator and counted my way through comments until I had a winner.

I certainly won’t be running a competition where entries are comments again! It’ll definitely be email, with a temporary email address I can delete later.

Once again, thanks for all your lovely comments. I’m hope the designer has been reading them, as they’d be a great ego boost. They certainly were for me!

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  1. well done im so jealous…love ur writing trudi ur my favourite writer

  2. Congratulations Neha! I am sooooo jealous!

    I can’t wait…one more day to go! Its out tomorrow May 6th in Northern Ireland!
    Yo I’m gonna get it after school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations Neha.
    Was rather gutted that I didn’t win, but oh well that’s life, you win some you lose some. Now I’ve got to wait for the UK release date or when I finish The Age of the Five … whatever comes first :L. On the bright side, I’ve got a new hobby to fill my time – poetry (awareness mainly) and minor novel writing.
    I am really excited for this new trilogy.
    Cheers for the work … no, not work — the WORD ART that you are so adept at creating Trudi,
    Thomas Brassington

  4. Congratulations, Neha!
    And enjoy reading Trudi’s new book everyone 😀 !

  5. Yay for Neha! Congrats!

  6. Congratulations Neha! I wish that my comment had been chosen xD
    I envy you 😛 But, well… I hope some day there will be another competition and the 1st prize will be also a book signed by Trudi (BTW should I write Mrs or miss Trudi, sorry I don’t know if you have a husband).

  7. Well,

    First of all I am very sad that I lost because I really wanted to win the book (like many others) and gave it a good effort (in my opinion, off course). Anyways the winner is Neha, So I wanted to know what was it that she wrote, so for others like me who are curious about the winner, here is her entry:

    “Hello Trudi!

    What do I like about your new website?

    Well, it’s easy to navigate through, with all its links, links, and more links. It makes the entire thing easier to read, and easier to find what you were reading about four pages ago.

    Also, I love the new bits of information in here, like the “About Writing” tab. Your story especially shows me where I can get to if I try hard enough.

    And, last but not least, the site is purple. A lovely colour choice, one that I have to commend you on.

    I’m a huge fan of the Black Magician trilogy and I hope that you never stop writing.
    Good luck with everything in the future.


  8. Gratz Neha.

    But on another note i just bought Ambassador’s Mission and can’t wait to begin:D

  9. That’s such a shame you had to do all that!

    I *think* there is a free twitter application that basically means you get your entrants to mention a certain word or phrase on twitter and then the application selects a random winner from people who have entered that specific phrase.

    Might be worth looking into if it will save you some bother in the future:)

  10. Wow, congratulations, Neha!
    I really wished I could win but oh well, I already pre-ordered my copy.
    Congratulations again!

  11. Congratulations Neha ^^ And what an awesome competition to run in time for your new book.

    I got it today 🙂 My bookstore surprised me by having it in even though I didn’t think it would be out yet. Now it’s sitting beside me, teasing me as I have to work for another two hours before my lunch break!