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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Final Giveaway – Turkish editions

This week I’m having my last giveaway, and the books that are up for grabs are Turkish editions of the Black Magician Trilogy:

I have two sets of to give away. Leave a comment saying you’d like a set. I’ll email you to get your address, then sign the books and send them off. It will take around three months for the books to get to you. Please, don’t comment if you don’t speak/read Turkish! I want these books to go to people who will have the enjoyment of reading them.

And no, I don’t have any other books in other languages, including English, to give away at the moment!

(And as before, if you leave a comment just saying you like my books, I’ll assume you meant to leave it in the guestbook.)

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  1. Hello Mrs. Canavan,
    First of all I want to thank you for your hard work. I used to read Stephen King but today I was searching for something different and your books catched my eyes. I started to read Magician Apprentice and now I want to order all the books. Its amazing really. Your books will definitely get in my library. I wish I had your imagination.
    Wish you the best and greetings from Austria.
    Gabriel B

  2. Do You mind when people put stuff on that isn’t on topic?

    • It used to annoy me, but it happens so often and really, there’s no harm done by it. Except, of course, if it’s really off topic – as in about nothing to do with me, my books, writing, etc. For example, if someone started commenting on politics. Something like that probably won’t be approved.

  3. Unfortunately,I have this series in Turkish and i read that many times.I obsess with it but i wish that you would send this books in original because even if i read it , i would read them in original because i want to improve my english and with this way maybe i can read your other books like ambassidors mission or magicians aprentice.
    you’re a big writer and please dont stop writing! 🙂

  4. I was looking for Robin Hobb books on amazon and your name was included in the search results, I havn’t read your books but will order them in English for me. My father in law lives and works in Istanbul, he and his wife enjoy fantasy books and have learned Turkish if you would send a set of your books I’ll pass them on when we next visit. Its a shame I missed your books in Czech as my wife and children speak Czech fluently where I just ‘get by’ and they would have helped my reading but the books I’ll order in English will help the children with their English.

    • Sorry, Graham, but I only have two sets to give way and I’m doing this one a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If you do order my books in English, I hope you enjoy them!

      • Thank you, I’m sure after reading a few reviews that I will enjoy your books and have ordered the first set. When you live in a small community where the only people that speak your language are your spouse and children new reading material becomes very important.

  5. And more importantly, would you please please keep writing … =)

  6. Hello Mrs. Canavan,

    Well, first things first, your books are never meant to remain untouched on a bookshelf. What makes me worry is actually the opposite. Let me explain.

    I possess all of The Age of Five books and also The Magician’s Apprantice. When I finished reading Age of Five for the first time, I was disappointed. Not with the books of course, they were extraordinarily bright and colourful with imagination. I was disapointed with myself for finishing them up that fast. I knew than that I would not be able to resist the urge to read them again. Just to breath the world of Auraya a little more… Than I recommended and your books to my relatives and closest friends and let them borrow. So the books are read by me three times, once by my brother, than by two of my friends. Now my paperbacks show off that they have been read many times and I have to stay away because I don’t want them to wear out anymore. Those books are precious for me and my library, you see, I must keep them safe -so that others can read them in the future.

    I mentioned your books to my little cousins. But they cannot read in English so I couldn’t let them borrow. I haven’t bought your books in Turkish (my mothertongue) because
    1. The Age of Five was not translated yet
    2. It is usally cheaper in my country to buy the books in original language, since there are less customers
    3. I was hoping that it would take longer to read them in a foreign language -which proved to be sadly untrue

    Speaking of language, I should really thank you for teaching me English. I mean it. Yes, I was already able to read in English, write essays -as they tought us in school- in English, and speak some English. But what your books thought me is to DREAM in English! First time it happenned I was about to finish Last of the Wild’s (I was reading in bed hoping that my mother won’t notice, it was that late.) and must have fallen asleep. It was fun and I was very excited. Spending long hours reading and enjoying must have triggered this experience. I believe being able to dream in a foreign language is such a significant level for comprehending a language. Thank’s a lot!

    I’m 19 and I study chemistry in Turkey. I am not an artist, though I wish I were. But I admire art and try to be a part of it. .When I was in highschool for a short time interval I was planning to be a writer. Than I understand that I love reading more than writing my own pieces. Now and then I draw sketches, do some watercolours. Your masterpieces give me inspiration to draw more.

    I don’t know if my opinion is valuable to you or not, but to me your creations are purely art. Enjoyable, exhilarating art.

    I haven’t read or acquired the sets you are planning to give away. I would be thrilled to have them -the actual books itself coming out of its author’s own hands. It means a lot to me.

    I was trying to find The Black Magician’s Triology in bookstores, but I think they are out of -or just about to be- out of print in Turkey. This is an increadible opportunity for me. Now I can read some new stories. Since I have already read The Magician’s Appreantice, I was looking forward (for a long time) to read more from the same world. And so that the books are in Turkish I can lend them to my cousins too.

    If you decide to giveout your books to me you must never worry about them waiting still to dust. Me and my closests are surely waiting in line holding our breath for out turn to read.

    Thank you for sharing your imagination and talent with us through your books. I am very positive that all your readers will agree with me.

    Mehtap Işık

    • What a great story – I love the part about dreaming in another language! You are the second commenter (well, second one who wants a set!) so you get the second and last set of books.

    • “Thank you for sharing your imagination and talent with us through your books. I am very positive that all your readers will agree with me.” – cited by MEHTAP ISIK

      I totally agree! 🙂 Trudi, please please please continue writing! I dearly love your style and ideas, it just makes me dream and, for a few hours, live in another thrilling world!

      (and about lending the books, I had to buy The novice a second time, cause I lent it too and it never went back. I guess it made one more happy reader héhé 🙂 )

      have a nice day/evening! (depends on when you will be reading this post!)

  7. Not for the books because i dont speak turkish but love the covers of books that are different to english (english ones are great to by the way). Best trilogy i’ve read. looking forward to ‘The rogue’ great story.

  8. Hey Trudi!
    Unfortunately I do not speak or read turkish but my boyfriend’s mother does. I already told her about your books and I would like to give one of the sets to her. I think she would be thrilled.

  9. I would love to have a set signed by you but I have already read this series twice, since it’s the only one in Turkish I came across. I remember when I read the first book I ran back to the bookstore and asked for the others which they didn’t have at the time. They told me to wait for a week but I simply couldn’t and searched for it all over the town! I tried to find other books you have written (I am capable of reading in English as well) but no luck there… If you might happen to have any spare books of your other triologies and want to send one, I would be so happy! It’s extremely hard to find them in Ankara yet I’m doing my best 🙂 I hope this set will go to someone who will enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you for your warm stories.