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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

German Edition of The Ambassador’s Mission

Look what turned up yesterday: a shiny new copy of The Ambassador’s Mission – in German. I love the cover!

Thanks to everyone who requested a set of Polish editions, and sorry to those who missed out. I have the books all wrapped up and sitting by the front door, waiting to be taken to the post office.

It’s always lovely to give books to people, and I have a lot of excess copies of foreign editions of my books (I always keep one), so I might be doing a few more giveaways in the next few weeks, depending on how hectic thing get as the deadline for The Rogue approaches. Only next time I’ll get someone else to do all the packaging up. (Hi Paul!)

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks soo much for your books!! I have read everyone of them and they were all amazing! There are so many authors who write a sequel to a trillogy and then get it wrong but both the prequel (the magician’s apprentice) and the ambassordors mission have been great and I cannot wait for the next book to arrive in the bookstores! Also I thought it really smart to combine the stories in the magician’s apprentice (for example: the traitors) with the story in the ambassadors mission. It gives soo much more depth to the story. Thanks again and Liebe Grüße from Germany

  2. Oh, I would so love one of them.
    Many people say it’s not good to read, but I don’t believe this.
    Sadly is that my family has not enough money for books now 🙁 But by Christmas at the latest I’ll have it. Well, I hope so.
    All German covers are amazing I think, and I read the 3 books in 3 nights. They were so great. So I can’t wait for “Sonea – Die Hüterin”!
    Lots of love from Germany 🙂

  3. Hi – have you given away the German copies of your book? If not, I would love to have them. I’m studying German at the moment. Oh, and I love your books by the way!!

    Keep Writing,

  4. Hi Trudi!
    Is there any chance to get the English version of any of your books? It would be great to get one written in original language 🙂 With your signature it would be even more awesome 🙂
    Best Regards

  5. The cover is very nice… But I don’t know what that title is about.
    I checked “huterin” meaning in a dictionary because I suck in German, and still don’t know what that title have to do with English title xD

  6. hey,

    can’t wait for “the rogue” :)…
    yep the cover is nice, but the small english paperbacks are way more better…
    you could visit germany for a reading, that would be nice…

    greetings from germany


  7. The cover of the German edition looks really stunning!! Even though I am German I don’t own it, because I prefer to read your books in English.
    I think even if you have the best translators, part of the true meaning of the author will get lost in every translation.

    That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate a copy signed by you, if you ever have spares. It would be interesting to compare the translation to your original work.

    In other news, I’m half through the Ambassador’s Mission and I am in no way disappointed, I am actually very pleased with everything.
    The seamless transition between the Black Magician’s Trilogy and the Traitor’s Spy Trilogy is truely amazing, even though 20 years have passed! The transition feels very natural, the character development seems very realistic to me, thumbs up!

    Last but not least, I’m in awe with your generosity! It is so sweet that you are giving away copies of your books, even though it means extra work for you.

    Please stay the way you are
    and continue your great work!!

  8. Hi, today was published your book The Ambassador’s Mission in polish :> Misja Ambasadora. I bought it in the morning and I started read :] I’m curious how be the end ;>
    Have a nice day !!

  9. yep the cover really is awesome.
    have this one myself and cant wait to get the whole trilogy on my bookshelve together:)