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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Polish Editions Giveaway

Recently a little box of books arrived for me containing a copy each of the Polish editions of the Age of the Five, as well as the audio edition of The Magicians’ Guild.

Now, getting these to fit on the bookcase isn’t easy, as I have a lot of author copies taking up space. So I figured the best way to make room was to have a giveaway. This is whats up for grabs:

Giveaway One:

Giveaway Two and Three:

So, that’s three sets of four books. One containing the Black Magician Trilogy and The Magicians’ Apprentice. Two containing the Black Magician Trilogy and Priestess of the White.

What do you have to do to have one of these sets of books? Nothing except to leave your name in the comments. If you would prefer one set over another, let me know, but otherwise the sets go to the first people to comment. I’ll get in contact with you to get your address, then I’ll sign all the books and send them to you.

It’s that easy!

The books have all been claimed. Thank you to everyone who commented!

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  1. The beauty of your soul, words touching my mind. Thank you

  2. The first book I read is The Host. And It’s really amazing and right know I’m begins reading the Black Magician Trilogy. I enjoy reading your book!!! Oh by the way, I’m in Indonesia.
    Hope I can read all your book, but in my country it’s very difficult to find your book. Could you give me a list of your book that already publish so I can easily search for it.
    Thank you for everything.

  3. I wasn’t readin any books for 5 years till now / till i saw your books in Empik. I love all your characters and your writing style. I hope you will continue story about Sonea, Dannyl etc. after traitor trilogy too. Love you, i’ll make an altar with candles for your books behind bulletproof pane 🙂

    Can i get an autograph from you, please?

    Greetings from Poland, Jacob 🙂

  4. Hi Trudy, reading Your books is like a oasis in today’s busy and fast going world.
    When I’m starting to read one of Your new book I need to control myself and put it back after few chapters to have something for next day 😉

    If there’s still one Polish edition to giveaway – I will be honoured to have one, with Your autograph.

    Best Regards,

  5. Hi Trudi
    I love your book and dream of one of the autograph:)

  6. Hi Trudi!

    I wanted a book with your signature. I buy Ambasador’s Mission Today 🙂

    Greet from Polish

  7. Hi Trudi! What a pity. I should visit your blog much earlier. I’m so sad. MY DREAM is to have our sign. You know today(or on 20th June- there are different dates) in Poland is a premier of your latest book ‘The Ambassador’s Mission’. Come to Poland! You’ve got here a lot of fans. ‘The Ambassador’s Mission’ now is a bestseller on (see the website!) but it haven’t brought out yet! People are waiting!
    Don’t you have one more book, Polish or English? Not whole Giveaway. Just one book, doesn’t matter which.It’s my dream. If you haven’t got any… Can you send me for sign? Please. It’s very important for me. And if you haven’t got time to send mi it… Just reply.
    Love for Poland 😉

  8. Well it is composed! I love your books and I’m from Poland! :))

  9. Am I too late?

  10. What a pity… I should checked your website earlier. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I was at work.

  11. I just started 2 days ago to read the german edition of The Magicians’ Guild and found this news at my research. I would be very happy to get one of these polish sets! Im looking forward to read your books (- :

  12. Already have these books in Polish… but not signed by you 🙂

  13. I love it, I’m a great fan of yours! The books are wonderful and I would love to have any of these sets signed by You.

    Greetings from Poland!

  14. I would like one of the giveaways.

  15. Hi Trudi,

    i have all of your books already in german and it would be awesome if i can get one of this signed sets.

    Greetings Alex

  16. It would be awsome if i getötet one of these sets

  17. I read the Black Magician trilogy several years ago when they first came out in the UK, it was great to see a new Sci-Fi author on the shelves of the shop. I am now looking foward to listening to the books in my car via audiobooks.

    Keep writing!

  18. Trudi, I would love a set of these for my father. He’s Polish, and although he probably hasn’t read a book in Polish for decades he’d absolutely love these!

    • One set is his, then! I will send you the set containing The Ambassador’s Mission, since it will be difficult to get the rest of the Age of the Five trilogy in Australia. Could you please email me your address?

  19. I love these books, I may not be polish but would love any book signed by you.