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Published Or Not Interview

From left to right: Chris, me, Michael and Jan.

I had a lovely time at 3CR today. Chris Ritter interviewed me first, and we could easily have filled the whole half hour. But then I’d have missed out on hearing Jan talking with Michael Wagner about his new book for teens – which sounds like a great, funny book.

To listen to a podcast of the show, follow the link to the station’s website and click on the Podcasts link on the left. Then look for the show ‘Published or Not’. If the episode isn’t up yet, it should be soon.

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  1. It was interesting to hear how you pronounced Sonea, Dannyl and Sachaka in the interview. In my head, I pronounced them differently.

  2. i’m wondering… did you ever consider to record an audiobook? good one, that voice of yours. respect

  3. I quite like that interview, although I haven’t understood the whole conversation, because I’m from Poland and I think it’s easier for me to understand American accent.
    But, yeah… I enjoyed it!
    BTW I wondered how do you speak, Trudi, and now I know.

    • Lol! Apparently I have a pretty strong Australian accent. At least, that’s what my UK publisher tells me!

      • I think don’t think your accent is really strong. I live in London and your accent is really soft compared to that of some of my Australian friends!

        Accents aside, I really enjoyed the interview and it was interesting to hear your pronunciation of some of the names and places. Cery, is completely different from the way I have always said it.

        I finished AM a while ago and can’t wait for The Rouge!

  4. Howdy!
    I have really enjoyed the Interview. I can’t wait to finish exams and read “The Ambassador’s Mission”. =)
    I am from Spain but in a couple of weeks I’ll be flying to Australia for a whole year. I really hope I can meet you and get a book signed.
    You wouldn’t happen to have any Spanish or English givaways…?
    I love your books!!

  5. I’m listening to it right now ^_^

  6. That’s great they’re going to upload the interwiev. I will listen to it for sure!
    Thanks a ton for the information Trudi. 🙂
    Have a nice day!