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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

AussieCon4 – Worldcon in My Home Town!

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now. For those who don’t know, there’s a big convention held each year called Worldcon. This year it’s located in Melbourne, Australia. That’s my home town! It will be held over the first weekend of September, for five days. Check out the AussieCon4 site for details.

The last time Worldcon was held in Australia was in 1999. I’d had just one short story published and was still looking for a publisher for the Black Magician Trilogy. I had such a fabulous time there, meeting people I admired, talking to other writers and readers of sf, picking up tips at a writing workshop and listening to panels and talks by famous and fascinating people, collecting names of agents, publishers and other important industry bods, getting books signed and spending up big in the dealer’s room on things I couldn’t normally find in local shops.

This time around I’m hoping to be on the other side of the panelist and signing tables, taking the opportunity to talk to readers of my books, and supporting my author friends, both the old hands and those new to the scene – on top of the above list of wonderfulness. And since I won’t have to take a train home… more partying!

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  1. I’m going to AussieCon4 as well and as a fan of yours I hope I get to meet you there Trudi!

  2. If I had the money, I would be there in an instant. Unfortunately I don’t, so I can’t. Have fun though!

  3. Have fun Trudi! I want to be there but I live in Europe. Unfortunately 🙁

  4. I wish a good time and have fun 😀

  5. Conventions are always fantastic, wherever they’re held. Getting to meet other fans and have late night, only slight enebriated discussions about whatever your fandom might be… there is nothing better in this world.

    And while we’re on the subject, I’m going to do some completely inexcusable pimping of a great con in the states. Dragon*con is Labour Day weekend in the states (specifically in Atlanta) and its such a great con to be at (hey, I travel across the Atlantic every year to go!). Just wanted to make sure you know in case you should ever get an invite (even though it is a long way to travel)


  6. Wow, that sounds really fun and interesting. I would really like to come, it sounds like something that would be really useful to aspiring writers.