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My Aussiecon 4 Schedule

Aussiecon 4 is less than two weeks away! During the few breaks I’ve taken while getting The Rogue polished up ready for beta readers, I’ve been busy getting ready for the con. I’ve made a masquerade mask for the Nightmare Ball, helped make Dudcon con badges, gathered some books to donate to the freebie table, and started arranging lunches and such with friends and publishers. I’ve also managed to pick up a cold and lose my voice before the con, which is much better than during the con. Hopefully I’ll be all recovered by the time it all starts.

I’ve just received the list of panels and events that I’ll be participating in. Now, this is a big event and organising the program is a huge challenge, so there’s always the chance of small last minute changes. Be sure to double check times at the con. Assuming everything stays the same, here’s what I’ll be doing:

Thursday 1600
Magic mean streets: The city as a fantasy location
While some fantasy novels explore vast terrains of forests, mountains and oceans, others choose to remain within the confines of the city. What is the appeal of the fantasy city, how does it contribute to the tone and plot of the fantasy novel, and how much detail do writers need to develop to make their fantasy cities work? A look at the best – and possibly worst – of fantasy city design.
Ellen Kushner, Trudi Canavan, Carol Ryles, Jennifer Fallon

Fri 1500
What is a Kaffeklatsch? Well, the word means coffee+chat, and that’s pretty much what it’s all about. Want to have a cuppa and a chat with me? Then sign up! Numbers are limited to keep it cosy and personal. To sign up, go to the Aussiecon4 website, look under Committee, and under Program Divisiton there’s an email link to a volunteer who’ll make the arrangements for you.

Saturday 1600
Thinking in trilogies:
The trilogy seems synonymous with the fantasy story. Why is fantasy so closely tied in with the idea of the three-book story? Is it simply a marketing requirement, or are their structural advantages to the form that are not provided by the single novel? A look at the arguments for and against the trilogy, and whether it’s a tradition that’s here for good or due to be retired.
Glenda Larke, Trudi Canavan, Fiona McIntosh, Russell Kirkpatrick, Kim Falconer

Sun 1200
Your chance to get my autograph. I will happily sign books outside of the signing session, so long as I’m not on my way to something else, but you’re more likely to get a neat autograph if I’m sitting at a table at a signing session. You don’t have to have bought the books at the con, though if you want to there’ll be bookshops in the dealer’s room that will happily sell you copies. You don’t have to limit the number of books you take. If you bring along a full set of my books, I’ll sign them. But if you have multiple sets and there’s a queue, I may ask you to wait until the end of the session. If it’s quiet, come up and chat. I love talking to readers of my books. And other people’s books.

Monday 1300
Getting edgy: The disreputable protagonist in modern fantasy
While fantasy used to centre around noble and good-hearted heroes, a growing sub-genre of recent years has celebrated a less savoury breed of protagonist. Knights and wizards-in-training are giving way to thieves, assassins, mercenaries and cutthroats. What is the appeal of this form of anti-hero, and what are its origins? How does changing the protagonist alter the kind of story you are able to tell?
Ellen Kushner, Trudi Canavan, Fiona McIntosh, Kim Falconer

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  1. Hi Trudi,

    I had to smile when I read about this session called “Kaffeeklatsche”, for the german word you describe (coffe+chat, better coffee+gossip) would be “Kaffeklatsch” without the trailing “e”.
    Furthermore the german noun Klatsche would mean “swatter” like in fly swatter. It could even be used to mean “to get a hammering” (eine Klatsche bekommen), what is hopefully not what you are goging to get (or give) during that session.
    I hope you will nevertheless enjoy this session, even if it is a coffe swatter, not a chat with coffee 😉


  2. Hey there!
    The AussieCon4 sounds so exciting!!! Unfotunately I won’t be able to make it there but to make the most of my stay in Sydney I would love to get a book signed by you. Do you know if you are going to have any events or something during the Summer holidays?
    Have lots of fun!! =)