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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy


Another idea I had for publicity material to give away at Supanova and on The Tour was to make a pin or badge. But what to put on them? Book covers? The trouble with badges is they’re round, and book covers are square. Perhaps quotes from my books instead? I selected a few favourites and posted them on Twitter, then asked if anyone could think of others. Soon I had a long list of them.

I happened to mention the badge idea to the marketing guy at Orbit and he liked it so much he arranged for them to be made for me. I so love my publisher! We chose quotes that were short enough to fit easily on a badge, and from different series of books, then I dusted off my graphic design skills again. Orbit has bulk of them to be waiting for me in the UK so they don’t take up space in my suitcase.

The rest will be coming with me to Supanova this weekend.

So if you’re coming to Supanova in Melbourne, pop by the Dymocks stand, say ‘hello!’, and grab a free badge!

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  1. Have you tried out cafepress? I know they dont hav square badges (I think they did in the past) but you could get every think done merchandise wise from mouse pads to mugs and t shirts, as well as pins and badges. 🙂

  2. I will be coming to supanova on sunday so hopefully I will be able to see you there:-) I want to bring a book to sign! Can`t wait to go! Badges are a great idea too, I will definitely try to get one!

  3. OMG OMG OMG those are AMAZING! I love the Emerahl one best. Are those three the only three, or are there more quotes? I really can’t wait for you to come over to the UK now!

  4. Have been shanghaied by son to attend on Saturday so will try to pop in and say hello! The badges are a great idea.