Trudi Canavan

bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

September Calendar – Lorkin

It’s been a very busy two months since I drew the last two character sketches and I’ve had no time to spare for finding models. So with no reference photos I turned to my trusty figure reference manual and combined three pics – of a golfer, a boxer and a surfer – to make up the figure of Lorkin.

I chose to portray Lorkin disguised as a slave because there are enough sketches of blokes in robes already in this series of calendar backdrops. I’m also hoping to get some reference photos for Tyvara soon – maybe for next month’s sketch.

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Click on the image to get to a full size version. As before, if you don’t know how to download and set images to be your computer screen wallpaper, seek the help of your usual source of computer advice.

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  1. Hi, I’m a boy from Norway who just finished your last book (The Traitor Queen) and I love it!! the ending also kinda “hints” that there will be another triology, may the milleniums rule be something like the “continue”? I really would love to know how it goes with the main persons in the future, espechially how the thieves will fare.

    one of your spreaders in Norway (I have loaned your books to many of my friends, and all of them likes em, and say they will buy them)

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Trudi, I’ve been reading the Traitor Queen over the last few weeks and I’ve really been enjoying it! However, I have noticed loads and loads of typos through out the whole Irish edition of the book. I thought I should let you know so that it can be adjusted before it is reprinted because they can be very distracting and sometimes the meaning of the sentence is lost.
    Other than that, really really enjoying it!! Keep up the good work!!