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Supanova Brisbane 2012

Last week I headed up to Brisbane to join in the fun at Supanova. Arriving on Thursday, I had dinner with the guests who had also already arrived, and found myself at the end of the table chatting to Howard Chaykin and Tom Felton.

The next day I did some shopping, heading to The Pen Shoppe where I bought my signing pen a year and a half ago. I needed some ink and new nib for my signing pen (turned out a year and a half of signings had worn it out!). Then I headed to my favourite Brisbane clothing shop, Maiocchi, for a new frock.

Suitably prepared, I then joined the guests waiting for the shuttle bus to the show, and met a lovely pair of writers, Rachel Caine and Heidi:

We headed to the show and the signing began. I was seized by the magnetic charm of a fan in a Sailor Moon costume, and when a photograph was requested I begged for one in return:

Awesome. In fact, I wished I’d had more time to watch all the costumed attendees go by but, on the other hand, I got to meet a whole lot of wonderful fans.

Later on Friday Joe Abercrombie arrived. Much stirring and hilarity ensued.

Joe totally gets Aussie humour (or he does a great job of pretending to). If he wasn’t dubbed an honourary Aussie at GenreCon the previous weekend, he certainly will be by the end of Supanova Adelaide.

On Saturday I suffered a bout of camnesia and didn’t take any photos. But I can tell you it was fabulous. Lots of signing. John Birmingham, Alison Goodman, Kylie Chan and Marianne Curley joined us and much signing, writing advice and general good fun ensued at the Dymocks stall.

Oh, and there were actors. Lots of actors. And voice actors. And comic book illustrators and writers. I finally remembered my camera on Saturday morning, and took the opportunity to have a pic taken with the charming Luke Perry:

And the totally awesome Felicia Day:

(We hadn’t quite got the ‘everybody look at the same camera at the same time’ thing going.)

On Monday I headed into Brisbane on the hunt for bookstore stock to sign. First I visited Pulp Fiction, then A&R at the Post Office Centre, then Dymocks, leaving plenty of signed copies of all my books behind.

Yesterday I headed home. I had a fabulous weekend and I’m still on a Supanova high. In fact, when I unpacked my bags I immediately began repacking them ready for next weekend, when I’ll be heading over to Supanova Adelaide.

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  1. Glad to see you had a great time Trudi! I’m also doing the frantic clothes wash/repack before heading to Novalaide. I don’t think I’m working the Dymocks area again, but hopefully you’ll remember me if I come by and wave šŸ˜€
    Awesome pics with Tom and Felicia!