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Conflux9 – Junkyard Cathedral

Aaand the final Conflux post:

On the Saturday night Conflux9 held a Masquerade, which is kind of a non-compulsary dress-up party and disco with a theme. This years theme was Junkyard Cathedral, which was about recycling trash into gothic glamour.

Well, I went more for trash than glamour, converting a Royal Mail post bag into a dress and a bubblewrap satchel into a clutch:


Plenty of others got into the spirit of the theme, with torn up, trashy, recycled steampunk and gothy costumes. Here’s selection:



We danced to cheesy 80s and 90s dance music until the hotel curfew, then mingled in the bar for a few hours more. A very enjoyable night!

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  1. Hey Trudi

    Great series of posts. I loved the photos from the disco as I was at the Romance Gauntlet and missed the prize giving and only caught a fleeting glimpse of the costumes.