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Going Supanova in Sydney

I had a fabulous time at Supanova Sydney and signed books for oodles of fans – thank you everyone who dropped by!

It was great to meet Raymond Feist, hang with Jana Oliver and catch up with Aussie authors such as Kylie Chan, Juliette Marillier and Colin Taber – and to finally meet Traci Harding. It was curious to see how many people would move from Traci’s signing queue to mine and visa versa. There was also a lot of back and forth from Kylie Chan’s queue to Traci’s and mine as well. Which is interesting, as the three of us write very different kinds of fantasy – me: alternate world fantasy, Traci: time travel historical fantasy, Kylie: modern day chinese inspired fantasy.

I’m sure it was the biggest Supanova I’ve been to. Here’s one small bit seen from the green room. This room was about three times the size shown, and there were at least two more rooms at least as big, though I never got the chance to see how far one extended:


There didn’t appear to be as many fabulous costumes as at past Supanovas and I have no photos of them. However, the position of the Kunikunya stand meant we didn’t get much through traffic, and we were very busy most of the time. But nobody could fail to note the new trend:


It seemed every third person was wearing a onesie. Not having been to a Sydney Supanova before, I don’t know if costuming is less popular there, but I do wonder if the onesie has simply become the easier – and warmer – alternative. (The term ‘lamesie’ was uttered a few times toward the end of the show, I have to admit.)

I did manage to find a spare half hour to shop each day. The first day I bought this beautiful necklace from the lovely Jubly Umph Originals:


After the show we stayed in Sydney for a few days, dodging unusually heavy rain for Sydney to play tourist and do more shopping. I also did a little sketching:



And we had a ride on the Monorail six days before it was closed down:


Though this being the view from the windows, I can see why it might not be such a tourist draw in winter:


I have a theory the monorail would experience a revival as a tourist attraction if they painted them to look like cats. But maybe I’m the only one who’d find that amusing.

We had a great time in Sydney, at Supanova and about town. Mid-way through the week we headed West to Perth… but I’ll save that for another blog post.

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  1. I was thinking in one of the open sections the monorail should ramp up the speed and do a corkscrew. There would be no complaints about lack of patrons then!