Trudi Canavan

bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

New Badges! More Swag!

Paul and I have been hard at work making these:

quote badges

Back in 2011 I gave away badges, designed by me and printed by my publisher, at Supanova Melbourne and in the UK. They were so popular I decided I’d have to look into having an ongoing supply of them.

Turns out the cheapest way for me to do this was to borrow a button-making machine from a friend (thanks Margaret!), order blanks from the US and make them myself. Being a crafty hands-on sort of person with a background in graphic design this was doubly fun, though it was pretty time-consuming.

Last time I had three quotes. This time I have four – the same ones I use on my bookmarks. I also couldn’t resist making a sets of theses:

character badges

Which I might offer up as prizes in the future. One set, of course, is for me.

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