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bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

New Swag: Character Sketch Bookmarks

I have a new bookmark design to bring to signing events along with the quote ones:

character bookmark

It features the character sketches from my Sekrit Project – the free computer wallpaper calendars I made last year.

I’d always intended to make something out of the sketches – perhaps a poster or postcard – but I wanted to redraw a few and do some tweaking so they all matched in line weight and style. It took me six months to find the time. In the end I chose to make bookmarks because I need an alternative to the quote bookmarks for fans who come to signings where english isn’t a well-known second language.

(Please note: since I produce these bookmarks myself in small quantities, I only give them out as a thank you gift to fans who come to signings or as competition prizes, not to anyone who emails to ask for some.)

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