Trudi Canavan

bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Thief’s Magic Character Illustration

If you’ve read my longer bio, you’ll know I am an artist and former illustrator. I like to draw my characters, and sometimes I’ll even paint scenes from the books. The maps for the Age of the Five trilogy feature characters from that story, and a few years ago I made some simple line drawings of twelve characters from the Black Magician Trilogy and Traitor Spy Trilogy and turned them into free downloadable computer wallpaper calendars.

For Thief’s Magic I tried something different: watercolour sketches outlined in black ink, scanned and brought together into one illustration in Photoshop.


The black background shapes represent the way the absence of magic can appear in the story: Rielle sees blotchy patches of Stain when she first encounters it but for Tyen, who has been trained to be more efficient at drawing in magic, Soot appears as neat, radiating lines.

It’s sure to find a home on some swag at some point. Maybe a badge, or a postcard. Perhaps even a t-shirt.

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