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Maker’s Curse: Book Four of Millennium’s Rule

Yes, you read that right!

I can officially announce that I am going to be writing a fourth book in the Millennium’s Rule series. Maker’s Curse will be the last book. Probably.

Right from when I first conceived the idea, many years ago, I had the feeling it might be more of a series of books than a stand alone or trilogy. Not just because of the huge potential in a universe full of thousands of worlds, but because Rielle’s stories were more like episodes that built on her past than a single story arc. However, when I returned to the story many years later, and Tyen’s story melded with hers, a main story arc had become more solid and I wasn’t sure if it would carry me past three books. I did warn my publisher that it might be a longer series.

However, when I was working on the edits for Successor’s Promise last year, I couldn’t help feeling that I hadn’t quite pushed that story arc as far as it ought to have gone. Some of the original intentions that I’d put aside were still strong in my mind, some of the newer ideas begged to be developed further and I could see a whole lot of interesting directions to send Rielle and Tyen.

Eventually I sat down and wrote an outline, and the way it all came together smoothly into a great book idea made it feel like it had been obvious all along. I had just been so distracted by all the troubles with my back that I hadn’t seen it.

Now, having taken a six month break from writing to let my back heal then work had at strengthening it, I’m ready to start writing. It has been hard holding off, because I am SO excited about this book and can’t wait to follow Rielle and Tyen into the adventures I have planned for them.

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  1. So glad to hear about additional books in this line! I’m glad to hear your back is healing well and that you are strengthening it. I wish you all the best in keeping it up!

    Love your writing, love your stories! Keep them coming!

    Warm Regards.

  2. So pleased to hear this news. I totally agree with what you say about the possibilities of these two and the worlds they can travel to. I wish to the very best in your recovery and strengthening of your back. Mine has troubling me for since 1990, not fun at all.