Orbit Live!

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Next Wednesday in Australia (Tuesday in the US) I’ll be participating in a live interview along with the very talented Devin Madson. (Author of We Ride the Storm – a book that I am currently reading and half wishing that everyone and everything else would go away so I can FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! It’s very good. Very, very good. I will be buying her first series as soon as I finish it, breaking my current Only Read From The To-Read Pile rule while laughing maniacally.)

Register at the link below to join us, ask questions and enjoy the unintentional live video hilarity (probably involving my cat dropping in or the sound of chainsaws as my neighbour cuts down yet another tree).

For US readers: 8pm Tuesday May 12th

For Australian readers: 10am Wednesday May the 13th

(That’s 1am Wednesday May the 13th, if you’re a VERY keen UK reader.)

Click here to register.