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Happy New Year!

May 2011 bring you happiness, success and lots of good books to read! I’m on holidays at the moment, and in order to have a proper break I’m restricting my internet usage. But I’ll be back in work mode on Monday. ‘Avagoodweekend!

Bulgarian Edition of Priestess of the White

An email arrived the other day with an exciting attachment – the cover for the Bulgarian edition of Priestess of the White, published by Vakon Publishing. Seeing my books coming out in other languages all over the world never gets old. Welcome to my stories of Auraya, Mischief, Dreamweavers and gods, dear Bulgarian readers. I […]

The Vague Tour Post

At the moment I’m checking the editorial corrections on The Rogue, scouring it for errors and tweaking it to make it, as my art teacher used to say, ‘more betterer’, which is going to make for a very busy weekend-less couple of weeks. I don’t have time to write long and fascinating posts here and […]

50 Books You Can’t Put Down

When I was signing books at Aussiecon4, I noticed that one of the books had a little sticker on it with the above words on it. Turns out that The Magician’s Apprentice had been selected to be included in a government/Australia Council for the Arts initiative. I’ve only just managed to get hold of one […]

Cover of The Rogue

I was really excited to receive the cover proof for The Rogue in the mail recently: It’s a little different to The Ambassador’s Mission. Like many readers, I’m a bit fussy about covers matching, but I like this change – mainly because I occasionally mistake the cover of The Magician’s Apprentice for the The Ambassador’s […]