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Armageddon a Photo for the Blog

Last week I worked through the first round of editorial changes for The Rogue, then on Saturday I rewarded myself by heading into Melbourne to check out Armageddon. We’ve not been to one of these events before, though we have friends who are regular attendees. It’s quite a spectacle, and with all the people in […]

Polish Editions of The Ambassador’s Mission

September was a month off from writing for me, but I wouldn’t call it a holiday. Aussiecon4 was a fun start to the month, then we had a few days with friends staying after the con. After that, things got busy and exhausting as our old falling apart kitchen was emptied, ripped out and a […]

70(ish) Free Books!

Aussie readers, how would you like to win every new release book from Orbit Australia in 2011? That will be around 70 books (including The Rogue). Then check out…

My AussieCon4 ‘Report’

I had grand pans of blogging, or at least tweeting, during the con, but due to the lack of iPhones in Australian stores and not finding time to discover how to buy wifi time at the convention centre, those plans just never came together. So here are my notes on each day of the con: […]

The Rogue Delivered!

Yesterday I sent off The Rogue, book two of the Traitor Spy Trilogy, to the publisher. Woohoo! What next? Well, for the book there’s quite a bit more work to do. It goes first to the Editorial Director, then I’ll tackle any changes to be made. It goes to the copy editor next, then I’ll […]