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It’s Here!

Look what arrived the other day: Yep, my advance copy of The Magician’s Apprentice!  Now, as you can see, it’s a trade paperback. I thought the book was coming out in hardback first, but I might be wrong. I might have been told otherwise and forgotten. (It’s been a busy few months.) It might be that some […]

The Magician’s Apprentice Extract is Up!

Here it is! The first chapter. The book’s release date is still February, and the Australian Orbit team are organising some events in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. I’ll post dates, times and places when I know the details. For now, happy whatever-you-celebrate-at-this-time-of-year!

Polish Edition Box Set

Foreign language editions of my books are always fun to receive. There’s something quite trippy about seeing a book so familiar to me changed into one that is filled with words I can’t read. It’s like it came from an alternate universe, written by that universe’s version of me. But no, it merely came from a […]

Thankyou DeathRay!

I’m not a big fan of prophecies in fantasy books. Firstly because they usually give away the plot. Secondly because I prefer characters win the day (or not) out of effort, determination and cleverness rather than the inevitability set up by a (often badly-written) piece of poetry. The kind of prophecy I like, however, arrived in my […]

At the MSFC

The reading at the MSFC seemed to go well last week. Here’s a pic of me looking scruffy and serious: Which was about the time I warned the audience about the gory beginning, and told them if they wanted to put their hands over their ears and sing ‘lalalalala’ I would signal to let them know when […]