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Mug Shots

A few weekends ago I finally got around to having a new author photo taken. Looking through the rejects, I can’t help but marvel at the silly expressions on my face. And not always deliberately, either. So I’ve uploaded the best of them, and what it looks like I was (but probably wasn’t) thinking at the […]

Making a Start

Yesterday I worked on The Ambassador’s Mission for the first time since I wrote the proposal back at the start of 2006. I’ve always found that the first four to six chapters of a book are the hardest to get right. The main fiend working against me is ‘infodump’. There are so many worldbuilding ideas, character backgrounds, and […]

Welcome to my new blog!

Why a new blog? Well, the old blog program was a bit clunky, particularly when constructing posts. In the first months the blog existed, the only comments that appeared did not relate to the posts I’d written, or they contained spoilers. So I turned comments off. I was pretty new to blogging and hadn’t grasped all the ways I […]

Where is my feed?

There it is!